Why the 'TRUST factor' must be included in your outreach

It never fails. Every time I meet with a group of "experts," I always ask, "How many of you are experts in what you do?"

It never fails. Every time I meet with a group of “experts,” I always ask, “How many of you are experts in what you do?”

Invariably I and one other person will have their hand up in a room of 50 people. Of course, being an expert in your field doesn't create the sense that you're an expert to the public at large. Nowadays, nothing could be further from the truth. You may see yourself as an expert in what it is you do, but if you are not getting that expertise to your potential consumer base in a meaningful way, then why should anyone else who doesn't know you think you're an expert?

What I call the “TRUST factor” - The Reliable Undeniable Superior Treatment of people, whether a patient or a customer – has to be at the forefront of everything a business does.

It's all about word of mouth. Every time I call a business, it doesn't matter what kind of business it is, they tell me their best reach comes through word of mouth. Let's look at that. “Word of mouth” can be defined as “the educated view of an objective third party or the subjective view from actual experience.” The subjective view is terrific, but you need to rely on the person who received the actual experience to be positive about it, which doesn't really fit with the nature of subjectivity.

The better way to focus your efforts is to take your expertise and encapsulate it as a news item to get it out there via the press. Show yourself as part of a trend, even if what you're doing isn't winning a Nobel Prize, and get that featured in the media.

The fact is, the public, hands down, still relies heavily on the mainstream press to get their information about what is going on in the world. With an effective press coverage effort, you have the distinct ability to foment the “TRUST factor” every time you are seen as the expert you see in yourself. If you don't think you're an expert, no one else will, so educate the public about why they should choose you.

Bretton Holmes is the owner of Holmes World Media.

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