Interview: Bill Dixon

Director of media relations, Lincoln Group

Director of media relations, Lincoln Group

PRWeek: Is this a newly created position? If so, did the decision to create a director of media relations position stem from organic reasons or external reasons?

Bill Dixon: Since its creation the Lincoln Group has focused all of its efforts on serving its clients. That focus has grown the company to the point where it now has over 250 American and local employees providing clients with insight and influence in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. This growth, and the size of potential future opportunities, meant that it was time for the firm to add the resources to help tell its own story, so the rest of the firm can remain hard at work for our clients.

PRWeek: Is the Lincoln Group looking to extend its self-promotion to the industry-at-large, public, or journalistic community?
People don't realize what a broad and deep pool of assets the firm possesses – both here in Washington and in place overseas. The Lincoln Group has unique resources, including employees with decades of experience in media, advertising, public relations, cultural anthropology, sociology, civil affairs and military operations. I want everyone who can profit from access to these people to know about the firm's capabilities.

PRWeek: What do you see as your role within the organization?
My role is to free the experts in place to concentrate on serving their clients and accomplishing their missions. Hopefully, as they enjoy success, I can also share good stories about these successes – stories that will let people know more about what the firm can do.

PRWeek: What opportities and challenges does the Lincoln Group have in today's environment?
The challenges vary according to the needs of specific clients. The vast majority of the services we provide for our clients depend on local expertise and a presence on the ground, and much of this work is being done in newly emerging democracies and areas experiencing dramatic changes. Operating in these environments will never be easy, but our abilities in such places set us apart.

The opportunities the firm enjoys are much broader. The changes happening in the regions where we operate are creating tremendous chances for investment, as well as unprecedented needs for cultural insights and influence. We're uniquely positioned to identify those chances, to fill those needs and to assist others who share our goals.

PRWeek: Do you expect the Lincoln Group to talk more about its work with the Pentagon?
The nature of some of our work necessitates that the firm maintain client confidentiality and operate with discretion, and since that is what is in the best interests of our clients, we're happy to do what the client requires. Talking is not the priority here, and will never be allowed to become a distraction from the firm's focus on client service.  

PRWeek: What personally made you jump from FBR to Lincoln? What learnings from FBR and/or Google do you expect to help you in current role?
I joined the Lincoln Group for two reasons. First, I was honored to come here because I believe in our mission; I share the firm's belief that deep cultural understanding accompanied by active engagement in the marketplace of ideas is the only way to achieve positive change. Second, I was impressed by the company's ability to accomplish that mission. The variety of brains and the diversity of the talent here just bowled me over.

In my previous jobs, I was lucky to work with and learn from very bright and dedicated people. I saw a chance to continue learning here, which made signing up an easy decision. 


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