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Multicultural PR tactics, in-house blog use, and more

Multicultural PR tactics, in-house blog use, and more

Multicultural marketing
What are some overlooked Hispanic PR opportunities?

Christine Clavijo-Kish of LatinClips and Hispanic PR Wire says there are huge opportunities to gain the hearts of Hispanic consumers. "A recent Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies study revealed an increase in Hispanic media spending of 4.7%, contrasted by an increased general market spending of 10.5%," she says.

Furthermore, the research showed that a toy manufacturer only increased its budget by .1%, although nearly a quarter of all US children are Latino. "So PR opportunities include creating buzz around new products, programming, and toys for children - keeping in mind that their Latina mom will be the strongest purchasing decision-maker," Clavijo-Kish says.

 She also suggests developing informational campaigns regarding prenatal care and health-related data that specifically impacts Latinos. Communications about topics that particularly help recently arrived Hispanics, such as mortgage data, are also in high demand.

"News that supports a Latino family's education concerns, such as nutrition, is also highly important, as is overall news that benefits Hispanic communities directly - like new local investment or programs available to them," she adds. "You must be creative as the competition continues to grow."

Client service
A negative story about my client from more than five years ago still appears on Google's "Top 10" results page when my client's name is searched. Is there any way to get rid of it?

You can't get rid of web stories, says Chandler Howell of Qorvis Communications. "But," he adds, "there are strategies you can use to 'bury' old negative stories."

Focus on finding, promoting, and getting more positive news out there, and if you have big news, put it on the wire.

"By placing news on the wire, you release it to thousands of outlets for pick-up," he says. The more positive mentions you receive, the more the negative ones will be pushed down.

Howell also suggests utilizing the blogosphere. "Promote positive stories to existing bloggers, and consider launching a corporate blog that helps you link to those stories," he says.
Can blogs be used for internal communications?

Internal blogs can serve as an instant collaboration tool and provide a wealth of information for organizations, notes Cindy Sullivan of Cymfony.

Companies can organize an internal blog in many ways. A smaller one, for example, may invite all staffers to contribute to a blog, while a larger entity might have a product team blog or department blog. "A CEO [can] start an internal blog to keep staff informed of a key business trip," Sullivan says.

Launching a blog for in-house use can help promote discussion and distribute information among staffers about items such as product enhancements, research, or recent studies.

Press Releases
When is the best time of day to distribute a news release?

NewsWire One's Gary Glenn says most releases are distributed from 7am-8am. "This is necessary for time-bound releases that need to be delivered at a certain time or financial releases that need to beat the markets' opening," he adds.

If your release is not time-critical, your chances of getting noticed will rise if you send it later in the morning. Instead of setting up a 7am delivery, consider sending it at 9am or 10am. Or better yet, consider distribution at a time other than the top of the hour. Request that your release be distributed at 9:18am or 8:51am. Give the journalist some time to settle in and then have your release pop up as just delivered, instead of being just one of a long list of e-mails to be read.

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