MS&L welcomes Denuo launch

NEW YORK AND PARIS: MS&L CEO Mark Hass has called new Publicis marketing agency Denuo a positive addition to the PR agency's corporate structure.

NEW YORK AND PARIS: MS&L CEO Mark Hass has called new Publicis marketing agency Denuo a positive addition to the PR agency's corporate structure.

Denuo, launched on February 22, will target the digital, interactive, and mobile communication environment. Hass told PRWeek that Denuo would be a great resource for Publicis and his agency.

Hass MS&L has been in this game for a while and is still doing it quite effectively, but its specific expertise is focused on large companies in the corporate communications space," said Hass, citing the company's work with GM FastLane blog, Swifter, and Mr. Clean AutoDry. "Denuo is taking a broader look at it across the spectrum."

Nick Pahade, president of Denuo, said the idea for Denuo sprung from Publicis recognizing the need for a stand-alone agency able to spot and act on trends.

"It was really more the organization recognizing the need for a consultancy like this," Pahade said. "While the practice is focused on the future online, it's also built on the evolution of traditional media and [offline] word-of-mouth."

Pahade described Denuo as a marketing consultancy serving primarily as a "plug-in and play" model. He said Denuo's value proposition was "idea generation," on strategy and ideas.

"We could execute short projects for clients, from point-of-view papers on a company's wireless strategy to setting brand strategy in new channels," Pahade added in an e-mail. "In the new complex world of media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be good at everything."

Pahade said he expects Denuo to partner often with Publicis PR agencies like MS&L and Publicis Dialog.

"The truth of the matter is it's not an 'us versus them' proposition; it's not meant to take away from everything [other agencies have done]," Pahade said. "Nothing would make us happier to see best of breed practices [throughout Publicis]."

Hass agreed with Pahade's sentiments.

"The more smart people thinking about this the better," Hass said. "There are fewer boundaries all the time [in online communications], so agencies will be helping each other out a lot. I imaging [the partnership] as a collaborative process where we'll do every thing we can to help them and believe they will do the same."

Hass also expected Denuo's existence to further reaffirm to Publicis the new media work MS&L is doing.

"We hope that they're champions in the group for this type of thinking," Hass said.

Denuo has already begun work with clients GM and Coca-Cola, as well as working with start-ups like Brightcove, an open Internet TV service, and Shadow TV, a streaming video service.

Regarding the start-ups, Pahade said the agency would provide advisory counsel, help define their business model, anticipate revenue sources, and help the firms market themselves.

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