I'm about to go on vacation. Is it incumbent upon me to stay connected to the office while I'm away?

Even while on vacation, we're still connected to work.

Even while on vacation, we're still connected to work. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it has closed the gap between personal time and work. With the commonality of cell phones, BlackBerrys, pagers, and laptops, we can basically work from any location at any time. This is great for our clients and our business, but it is important to recognize that as human beings we need down time to relax, pursue a range of activities, and reconnect with family and friends.

Plan a vacation several weeks in advance so that you can choose a time when your projects are a bit slower or when it is convenient for a team member to take over. Do not make yourself available 24/7 while on vacation. If you must check e-mail and voicemail, schedule a specific time to do so and then don't check back for the rest of the day. Let clients and team members know ahead of time when you are planning to be on vacation. Giving them enough notice will allow them to also plan their time accordingly.

VP of human resources, APCO Worldwide

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