Chain gang of Cypriots eye record

What is it about breast cancer that seems to automatically inspire clothing-related stunts?

What is it about breast cancer that seems to automatically inspire clothing-related stunts?

Have people become so impatient with the incremental advances of medical science that they must turn to the totemic power of pink ribbons to get them through their bodily crises?

Of course not - pink ribbons are so passé. The newest and most literal take on breast cancer awareness comes in the form of the Great Cypriot Bra Chain.

For more than a year, residents of the isle of Cyprus who are concerned about breast cancer - and clearly bored out of their minds - have been organizing an effort to collect 100,000 bras from across the globe to form the world's longest bra chain. They hope to break the current mark of 79,000 that was set in Singapore, raising the possibility that bra chains are simply a new way for isolated island dwellers to furtively collect foreign women's lingerie.

If the island reaches its goal by the scheduled end of April deadline, the completed bra chain could stretch 70 miles. Cyprus itself is less than 4,000 square miles, meaning that the linked bras could stretch from one side to the other and then keep going on a pleasure cruise. It's surprising that residents haven't gone for two records in one by holding the world's largest jump-rope session at the same time.

This mystifying undertaking demonstrates the fact that anything with the stated goal of "raising awareness" for a cause is usually inspired more by the desire to raise awareness for oneself. The world's longest bra chain may not cure cancer, but it will make Cyprus a hot destination for fetish-based tourism. See you there.

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