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What information should I send in an electronic press kit?

What information should I send in an electronic press kit?

"Journalists lack both time and resources to follow up and research your release, so it's best to include as much information and materials as possible to support the topic or news item," advises Gary Glenn of eNR/NewsWire One.

Fact sheets, background materials, and other supporting documents should be made available in a format that is easy for the journalist to recognize and access. "You may want to include Web links to third-party sources that support your theme or provide additional facts," he adds.

Glenn also suggests including high-resolution photos and graphics. "There may even be a case to include a video for demonstration or use as an electronic VNR," he says.

"Whatever you include, it should support the central focus or theme of your release."


What type of material is best suited for podcasts? How long should they be?
"You may wonder what type of material will work as a podcast, but a better question might be what won't work," says Bill Delaney of Ketchum. That said, just about anything anyone can feel passionate about seems able to find its way onto a podcast, he points out.

"Right at the top of the podcastdirectory.com rankings, for example, is '5 Minutes with Wichita,' which focuses on humorous takes on bluegrass, NASCAR, and country music," he says. "Note the brevity of this pod, which is common, though that is not a rule.

"Just a ranking below '5 Minutes' is a podcast of Randi Rhodes' show on left-leaning Air America radio," adds Delaney. "And in between these two podcasts, you can
find just about anything in world culture."

Employee comms

What is the best way to communicate a senior-level departure or appointment to employees?
"When announcing a new appointment or promotion, discuss the person's accomplishments in terms of how it aligns with your organization's values and business strategy," says Christopher Hannegan of Edelman. "This helps reinforce to staff why people get ahead and are hired to begin with."

When announcing a high-level departure, the worst thing to do is nothing, he warns. "[People] will talk about it via the grapevine, so you're better off influencing that discussion with facts, rather than ceding to speculation.

"While it's often not possible to state why a person is leaving," Hannegan notes, "a simple acknowledgement of the fact along with information on the plans to appoint a temporary or permanent replacement can go a long way."


I'm trying to change public opinion and influence Congress. How can radio support my targeted grassroots efforts?
Tom Sweeney of North American Network says radio is an excellent medium for advocacy messaging and targeting specific demographics and congressional districts.

"Three key strengths of radio are speed, targeting, and low cost," he says. "Most radio outreach techniques can be turned around within 24 hours if necessary, though it usually happens within a week or two.

"Choosing certain radio formats gets your message to [very specific] audiences," Sweeney adds. "You can also look up stations by congressional district."

And the price tag on most radio outreach options is relatively low, he explains. "Targeted ad buys in large cities can be the most expensive outreach tool, but a cheap option in smaller markets."

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