Multiple VNR uses, how to start podcasting, and more

How can I repurpose a VNR?

How can I repurpose a VNR?

"Production of a VNR is traditionally about one-third of the total VNR production-distribution budget," says Jack Trammell of VNR-1. "Each time you can find an additional value, you are saving significant dollars."

According to Trammel, a video podcast, a streaming video with links to support additional PR initiatives to print and online media, an internal Web site streaming video for corporate training/employee education, or an investor presentation are all great ways to get more out of your VNR.

"The key is to determine in advance what added uses may help," he adds. "Some clients have even included the VNR package as a DVD to be given away with each product purchase. The point is to shoot it once...use it five times."


How do you shoot a display to catch an editor's attention?
"If you are photographing a trade-show display, it's critical that the photograph is professionally taken from select key angles," says Jennifer Collins of the Event Planning Group.

"It could be compiled in a similar fashion to that of a storyboard," she notes. "Each part will show its unique colors and features. Therefore, you want editors to feel as if they are standing at the display in full view of all elements."

Also consider incorporating a simulated image of a person or people into the display, Collins adds. "This shows the viewer 'to scale' how the traffic would flow and how people would fit into the overall structure," she says. "It articulates the character and provides more depth to the display."

Essentially, you want to tell a story about the display building the desire to learn more. "By carefully profiling the display's unique features, you'll whet the appetite before the in-person experience," explains Collins.


What's the best way to start podcasting?
"One viable option," says Ris‘ Birnbaum of Zcomm, "is to create an introduction and relatively noncommercial content and wrap that client-sponsored information around an existing podcast which already has a large, loyal audience."

The introduction can be 10-15 seconds, she advises, with valuable tips and tricks with a client call to action following the show. This allows you to align your message with a program that attracts the same audience you seek.

"Podcasts reach very niche audiences that are downloading the audio or video for later use and re-use," Birnbaum notes. "As such, the cost per thousand for this medium is much higher than with radio or television, but the con-tent is being downloaded by an existing, pre-qualified, targeted audience."

Executive training

We must provide executives for high-profile testimony before a regulatory body. How do I keep my team calm?
It's wise to think about the differing agendas present during testimony, notes the Ammerman Experience's Jeff Braun.

"Keep your team aware of the need to maintain control and composure during questioning," he says. "Make sure they have a good story to tell, complete with examples and data to support each point they make before the panel.

"Drill them with questions of every kind and intensity during practice sessions," adds Braun. "Consider bringing in a consultant or trainer to help make the point that they can't lose control of emotions or the intended message track."

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