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As an avid PRWeek reader, I always look forward to your Journalist Q&A.

As an avid PRWeek reader, I always look forward to your Journalist Q&A.

Imagine my disappointment when I picked up the June 19 issue to find a Q&A with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. First and foremost, despite writing in Rolling Stone on his theory of how Republicans stole the 2004 election by suppressing votes in Ohio, Kennedy is as much a journalist as I am a ballerina. Anyone familiar with him knows he's a left-leaning activist who could not be confused with a journalist on his best day.

The fact that PRWeek tried to push this interview as a "Journalist Q&A" has me questioning my subscription renewal lying on my desk. Part of the reason I subscribe is to read and share best practices and information that help me do my job better. Kennedy's "conspiracy" piece again proves that he and those of his ilk continue to be their own worst enemies.

I hope PRWeek comes to its senses before I pick up an issue and it has a Journalist Q&A with Michael Moore or Ann Coulter.

Scott Gulbransen
Senior manager, corporate comms
TurboTax/Intuit, San Diego

In your Q&A with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in which he asserts that Republicans stole Ohio through voter fraud, PRWeek and Kennedy leave out significant details that refute his arguments, which Kennedy also left out of his Rolling Stone article.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, "In his online footnotes, Kennedy refers... to a five-month-long post-election investigation by the Democratic National Committee." But he never quotes the investigative team's conclusion that "statistical study of precinct-level data does not suggest the occurrence of widespread fraud that systemically misallocated votes from Kerry to Bush."

The paper also notes, "Kennedy saw conspiracy in a Franklin County foul-up that resulted in far too few voting machines at a polling place in a heavily black area that would presumably vote mainly for Kerry.

"The chairman of the county elections board, who oversaw the voting machine allocation, was a black man who also chairs the county Democratic Party. Not a likely candidate to steal votes for Bush."

Plain Dealer Metro editor Jean Dubail said her first reaction to Kennedy's article "was how little actual news there was in it."

Marc Landers
Dundee, Scotland


The boxes of data on agencies that accompanied the Global Special (PRWeek, June 26) should have indicated that the key noting the regions in which firms had offices referred to wholly owned agency offices only. In addition, the keys for eight of the firms, as well as the map, have been changed since publication, owing to clarification and fact-checking errors. The revised feature is available in a PDF at

In that same issue's "Markets of Tomorrow," RFB/Lynch Partners should have been referred to as an affiliate of RF Binder.

We regret the errors.

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