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How do I convince my client that article marketing on the internet is a good strategy?

How do I convince my client that article marketing on the internet is a good strategy?

The best method, says Eric Gruber of marketing agency Everything Communications, is to write a 500-1,000 word article and send it to reputable Web sites that accept outside contributions. He also suggests targeting "article directories" that post stories for viewing by Web site editors, who can gain permission to reprint those articles on their sites.

"The great thing about the Internet is that you can now reach your target audiences directly," he adds. "Many Web sites have amassed hundreds of thousands of loyal readers who want to find the latest strategies and tips for getting the most out of life."

Your goal should be to place your articles on top directories, including niche-specific ones, Web sites, and e-zines with a real audience that would be interested in buying your books, products, and services. "If your article is on women's health," says Gruber, "you should submit articles to sites like And don't forget - one of the top 50 sites on the Internet today."

Multicultural outreach
How important is it to use Spanish-language VNRs and ANRs when targeting the Hispanic market?

Producing releases in Spanish can give you a leg up on your competition. "Hispanics are adapting to US society, and often to a new language, so they tend to look first to Spanish media, particularly radio and TV, for information," says Catherine Castro of Qorvis Communications in DC.

Since Hispanic outlets are often understaffed, she adds, VNRs and ANRs are very helpful to them, especially when they are in Spanish.

"If a producer has one segment to fill and two stories, one in Spanish and the other in English, he or she will most certainly use the one in Spanish," says Castro. "It is easier to read and understand, and the producer can pull quotes without having to translate them."

However, PR pros should not forget to tailor the content of VNRs and ANRs to the market. "Hispanics are often interested in stories with a consumer self-improvement angle, such as how to buy your first home," notes Castro. "These help Hispanics make their way in the US."

Which location is best for an SMT - a studio or a live site?

It depends on the focus of the news, explains Yvonne Goforth of KEF Media Associates in Atlanta.

"We always recommend going on location whenever it's possible," she says, "but there can be different purposes behind the locale selected to broadcast your SMT.

"Remember that TV is a visual medium," Goforth continues. "Broadcasting from somewhere other than a studio adds visual color and can make the SMT more attractive to use for a news producer. Though not always possible, we try to take viewers to places they wouldn't ordinarily see."

Your vendor should be able to provide a "remote," that is, a satellite truck or a professional-quality electronic link to a dish that can be received from and sent to the TV stations that have scheduled your SMT.

But, Goforth notes, a studio can be the proper location for an SMT involving personalities that are the focus of the news. In that case, a location isn't necessary to help carry the message; the attention is focused on the person being interviewed and on the message itself. The news is all about what they say - and not where they are.

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