Preparing for RMTs, crisis comms training, and more

What is the best way to prepare a spokesperson for a radio media tour?

What is the best way to prepare a spokesperson for a radio media tour?

Lynn Harris Medcalf of News Generation suggests preparing five to six key bullet points, along with supporting materials. "If you have statistics for local markets where interviews are scheduled, have the spokesperson review those in advance of the interview and have them handy during the tour," she adds.

It's also a good idea to complete a media-training and mock-interview session with your spokesperson. "Have them practice as much as possible until they are very comfortable with the question-and-answer process," she says. "Ask the spokesperson questions on the subject matter and have them practice their responses."

Medcalf also recommends having the spokesperson visualize how the story will play on the radio. "This will help them prepare concise, quality responses," she says.

Crisis comms

We want to put our management teams in different company locations through crisis communications training. What should we keep in mind as we plan this?

Crisis communication training is critical in terms of getting managers from various functional areas up to speed on how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders in the event of a crisis, says Oliver Schmidt of C4CS.

"Every training session should be based upon a customized crisis scenario that remains unknown to the participants until it is introduced during the training sessions,"
he adds. "Once the scenario has been revealed, training participants should assess the situation and respond to the crisis as a team."

Schmidt notes that they should identify the stakeholders affected by the crisis, develop targeted stakeholder messages that support business objectives, and select appropriate communication channels, tools, and venues for message delivery. Participants should also be put through a series of on-camera media interviews, which the entire group watches and the trainers critique.

"It is advisable to hire a crisis communications firm to develop and conduct the training," he advises.

Article marketing

Search engine optimization has become everyone's strategy of choice for article marketing. How do I convert readers of my online articles to other traffic on my Web site?

The articles that get the best results are the ones that provide unique, high-quality content that solve at least one piece of a problem puzzle, says Eric Gruber of PR LEADS Article Marketing Campaign Service.

"In order to convert readers, you must not give them all of the answers on how to solve a particular problem," he adds. "Instead, you want to tease them with some of the 'how' and top it off with why it's important." You need to sell the importance of learning everything they can about the "how" by clicking on the links in your resource box.

According to Christopher Knight of Ezinearticles, a good article with a high-impact resource box showing benefits and containing a strong call for action will convert, on average, between 2.5% to 3.6% of that article's readers.

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