MobileRead gives Sony a forum, August 11, August 11

Who is your client, and what are its media goals?

Bennett Kleinberg: We were hired by Sony Electronics specifically to help it with the launch of its Reader hand-held electronic reading device. Before the product was available for purchase, Sony was looking to generate and sustain interest in the Reader among early adopters and consumer electronics enthusiasts.

Why did you decide to target

Kleinberg: is focused on electronic reading devices, but that includes everything from Palm Pilots to text messaging on phones. Readers of the blog tend to be very active participants on its forums. This made it a great audience for Sony. We knew the blog had a keen interest in the Sony Reader, so we pitched the site's editors, offering them a chance to pose questions to Sony's product team. They leapt at the chance.

How did you media train the executives for the blogging Q&A experience, and how did you ensure the questions didn't stray too far from the new Reader?

Kleinberg: The only ground rule we set with the blog was a requirement that they only submit questions pertaining specifically about the Reader device, and we told them the development team would do its best to answer them. That gave our client a great deal of control in how it would be portrayed

What was the impact of the hit?

Kleinberg: The piece was posted on August 11, 2006, and triggered a huge amount of dialogue on blogs across cyberspace about the device. Most important, the hit cleared up a great deal of confusion that was circulating among enthusiasts about the Reader and reinforced Sony's corporate reputation as a company that listens to, and cares about, its customers.

Name: Bennett Kleinberg, VP, Goodman Media Intl. (New York)

Placement:, August 11

Pitch timeline: Less than two weeks

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