'Ellen' talks up Komen Foundation

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, October 20

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, October 20

Who is your client, and what are its media goals?

Sarah Stoeber: Our client is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which does a big media push every October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our goal this year was to boost coverage by 10%-15% and to obtain at least one national broadcast hit.

What made The Ellen DeGeneres Show such as good target, and how did you pitch the producers there?

Stoeber: The show is heavily watched by women who are the prime target for our messages. The Komen Foundation had worked with Ellen in the past, primarily as a benefactor of corporate products that were showcased on-air during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We leveraged that relationship to suggest participating in a segment on National Mammography Day, which is October 21.

DeGeneres tends to have an informative, but upbeat show. Was it a challenge getting the right tone and content for a mammography segment?

Stoeber: The producers were a bit cautious, so we made sure our focus was on upbeat messages that stressed statistics that showed how successful mammograms are in the early detection of breast cancer.

Did you have any media training for Dr. Cheryl Perkins, and what other challenges had to be overcome?

Stoeber: Dr. Perkins is our primary spokeswoman so we knew she would do a good job. Ellen's producers also took some of the pressure off by placing Dr. Perkins in the audience to answer questions rather than on stage. Our only other challenge was finding a mobile mammography unit because we wanted women in the audience to have a mammography off the set and then talk about the experience on camera. But we were able to track one down and have it delivered to the set.

What was the impact of the hit?

Stoeber: Ellen ended up being one of four national TV hits we got for The Komen Foundation in October, so the client was very pleased. Plus, we now have a good relationship with the show's staff to position Komen prominently during its 25th anniversary next year.

Name: Sarah Stoeber, AE, Weber Shandwick (Dallas)

Placement: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, October 20

Pitch timeline: Three weeks

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