A pill works for Planned Parenthood

When was the last time you got excited about a boring old free giveaway program?

When was the last time you got excited about a boring old free giveaway program?

I'll tell you: It was December 6, when you found out that Planned Parenthood was giving away free samples of the newly available "morning after pill," right after your girlfriend called you and said she forgot to take her birth control yesterday.
Whether you think Planned Parenthood is a haven for women's freedom from sexist oppression or just a haven of satanic liberal harpies, you have to give them credit for stepping up to the plate. This is a holiday giveaway that people will really put to use in the near future - specifically, on the hung-over morning of January 1, 2007, in bed with someone you don't know, wearing little more than a party hat and a fine sheen of cheap champagne.
More than 300 of the group's locations handed out the contraceptives (recently given over-the-counter status) for ONE DAY ONLY, a fun way to help you remember, as a press release notes, that "timely access [is] critically important." Some people no doubt cadged a handful - one in the bedroom, one for the car, and one for your Secret Santa.
The idea of handing out contraceptives to anyone who wanders in off the street is a proud western tradition. But it may also signal that the once cutting-edge practice of distributing free condoms is no longer enough to get a rise out of anybody. Condoms are hard. Americans always go for what's easy.

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