Michael Bush will be filing posts from this weekend's Daytona 500. This is his first.
Yes, it's true, Jet Blue has sucked the last two...

Michael Bush will be filing posts from this weekend's Daytona 500. This is his first.
Yes, it's true, Jet Blue has sucked the last two days. It might have actually been three, but I thankfully made it out of Kennedy airport yesterday after 12 midnight on Friday morning after having been there since 11:30 AM Thursday morning.

The delays weren't the problem, OK, I'm lying... the delays actually sucked. But it was the lack of information being conveyed to people waiting to get on flights, some of which had been there since Wednesday when they spent 11 hours stuck out on the tarmac.

The people making the decisions to cancel flights and post gates weren't conveying any information to the Jet Blue people in the terminals who had to try and appease the angry mob of travelers.

Celebrities couldn't even get answers or preferential treatment. Ed Lover from Yo! MTV Raps fame could be seen like the rest of us wandering aimlessly throughout the terminal. And, at one point, former New York Senator Alfonse D'Amato could be seen chewing out a Jet Blue employee: "I got this guy Ricardo over there telling me yaka yaka yaka."

I'm guessing that was his attempt at Spanish. The hilarity of the situation managed to ease my pain a bit.

At one point someone when walking through the terminal screaming: "Jet Blue is a great airline.... unless you want to fly somewhere."

Jet Blue should take its cue from a number of other large corporations and look to improve upon its internal communications... especially at Kennedy Airport. I was one of the lucky ones and managed to get out, and I'll probably fly with them again but there were hundreds of people there saying they would never fly with them again. Once you got past all the foaming at the mouth, you could tell these weren't idle threats.

When I was told my plane was getting ready to leave at 3:45, this, by the way, was the first of at least 12 times I was wrongly told my plane was getting ready to leave, there was a pilot at the gate with us ready to go. After standing there for more than a half hour, Pilot Chris said," I'm goiong to get some answers, but I promise you this...I will get you guys to Orlando." He then disappeared.

At 10:30, we finally had a gate and crew and a plane. The only thing missing was a captain to fly it. And sure enough, making his way through the crowd to a hero's applause, was Captain Chris, there to keep his promise. He got me to Orlando, 12 hours after I should have gotten there, but he did it. And as I was deboarding the plane and he said BUUUHH-BYE, it was the first time I had heard someone say that phrase that did not make me full of rage.

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