Vontu wins new audience via ABC

KGO ABC-7 TV, February 6

KGO ABC-7 TV, February 6

Who is your client, and what are its media goals?

Martha Feingold: Vontu is a San Francisco-based provider of data-loss-prevention security technology. The company wanted to use the media to educate companies about the security risks posed by negligent or malicious insiders to their corporate information.

What made KGO ABC-7 in San Francisco such a desired placement for Vontu, and how did you pitch the reporters there?

Feingold: ABC-7 has a large, broad audience in the San Francisco Bay Area, which made it a great target. Our agency had worked with ABC-7's business and technology reporter David Louie before, so we pitched him directly on a story tied to the RSA data security conference in San Francisco from February 5 to 8.

What news hook did you use to get Louie interested in what has been an ongoing data security story?

Feingold: Louie was planning on covering the RSA Conference, but we got him to include Vontu in his segment by pointing out how iPods could be used by people inside a company to copy data. This gave him a fresh angle, as well as the opportunity to get some good visuals. We also noted how Vontu's larger rival, McAfee, had a product announcement in a similar space, which enabled Louie to position it as a much bigger story.

How did you prepare Vontu CEO Joseph Ansanelli for this interview?

Feingold: Ansanelli is an excellent spokesman, but we did prepare him for RSA and Vontu's new product launch by developing talking points and sound bites. The ABC-7 opportunity came up very quickly, so it was this advance preparation that proved important.

What was the impact of the hit?

Feingold: While Vontu's recent product news has been covered in technology outlets, the ABC-7 interview reached an entirely new audience of local business leaders. Not only did this piece raise Vontu's visibility in its hometown, but executives were pleased because for people whose only knowledge of the conference came from this piece, the only firms mentioned were Vontu, McAfee, and Microsoft.

Name: Martha Feingold, media director, Horn Group (San Francisco)

Placement: KGO ABC-7 TV, February 6

Pitch timeline: Two weeks

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