Knut bears fruit for the Berlin Zoo

Are you addicted to Knut?

Are you addicted to Knut?

If you are German, the answer is likely, "Yes, yes, please, take all my money, take everything I have, but please allow me to gaze on this sickeningly cute polar bear cub and perhaps purchase several items of merchandise bearing his puffy visage."

Ever since this little ball of white fur popped on the scene at the Berlin Zoo, it seems that Germans, more used to grey post-industrial landscapes than cute, cute, baby bears, have gone slightly crazy. The national edition of Vanity Fair plastered the young carnivore on its cover, and lines to view the beast have been out of control.

The zoo itself is not letting the opportunity pass: it has registered "Knut" as a brand, and its stock has more than doubled in the past week. It is a marvelous new frontier of animal exploitation. No need to skin them, eat them, or make them carry your belongings - just pose them cutely and watch the profits multiply.

Germans, also known for enjoying David Hasselhoff, obviously have strange tastes in entertainment. But the Berlin Zoo has skillfully parlayed this bear into financial success, and all we can say is fuzzy wuzzy Knutie is a cutie, oh yes he is!

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