My current salary is on the low end. How can I bring it up without jeopardizing my current position?

The most important thing is your approach.

The most important thing is your approach. Stay objective and fact-based, rather than rely upon emotions or feelings. Do your homework and check salary sources. Recognize the financial conditions of your company. Don't ask for a raise at the end of a bad quarter, as it may jeopardize any chance of an increase.

Once prepared, present your request in a non-confrontational manner. Ask your manager for assistance with an issue that's troubling you. Let your manager know how much you like your job and the results you are delivering. Cite specific examples. Demonstrate with metrics that you know you are at the low end of the salary scale for your position.

Any such inquiries must be made in a confident, positive manner if, based on the information presented, there is anything your manager can do to get your salary to a more appropriate level. Generally, when approached with respect, a positive attitude, and the facts, a good manager willingly tries to assist.

Greg Waldron is chief talent officer at Porter Novelli.

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