Web video's impact, ongoing media training benefits, more

Where is Web video making the most impact for business communicators?

Where is Web video making the most impact for business communicators?

"We now live in a world where Web 2.0 tools, such as blogging, mash-ups, and also Web videos are becoming standard operating procedures for effective and optimized communications with an organization's audience," says Cynthia Cooper of The FeedRoom.

Video sites at Wal-Mart, GM, and Intel all show the impact that Web video is having. "Ranging from crisis management, announcements, media relations, events and conferences, and corporate communications," she notes, "utilizing Web video can strengthen a business communicator's position and presence within the media community, as well as make important news stand out in a world of news clutter."

Explaining the issue in your company's words can make the critical difference between resolution or ongoing public concern and confusion, Cooper adds. Web video allows for powerful and effective communication to highlight the company's social responsibility campaigns and goodwill programs to customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders.

Media training
What are the benefits of ongoing media training for clients?

"We all know media training is critical to keeping clients on-message, but what many fail to recognize is that as businesses grow, their messages have to change," explains Susan Lindner of Lotus Public Relations. "Ongoing media training, or 'refresher sessions,' are essential to helping clients practice message delivery, prepare for tough questions, and proactively respond to competitive threats through the press.

Most importantly, it serves to maintain their reputations as experts in their fields.

"As the media landscape changes," she adds, "language is getting more casual, direct, and personal, so spokespeople must adapt their tone and language to these new audiences."

Lindner suggests taking the time to work with the company's spokespeople and asking them to look to the future and visualize the article they would most like to see after a refresher session.

"With the right message and delivery, you'll be on your way to some excellent coverage," she says.

Time management
What can a PR agency do to improve time management and productivity?

"If you're like most PR agencies, you're probably running a dynamic organization where everyone is stretched just a little beyond capacity," says Michael Payne of Pelago, a Web design and development firm. Keeping track of everyone's time can be a real challenge, and if you've got team members in different locations, that can significantly complicate collaboration and productivity.

"Technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy," he adds. E-mails get buried, conference calls trail on and on, and documents have no centralized place to live. "Too much time is wasted doing busy-work tasks," he notes.

Payne says the answer too all this can be the Web browser. The latest Web technology can link teams like never before, with tools to track time, manage projects, post documents, monitor project histories, and analyze productivity.

"The Web is providing firms with affordable ways of optimizing their businesses," he notes, "whether they've got two or 200 employees."

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