Stewart has a trademark on narcissism

It may be that Martha Stewart really just doesn't care.

It may be that Martha Stewart really just doesn't care.

It may be that the coolly evil smile, the insidiously evil line of too-perfect home furnishings, and the notoriously evil insider-trading schemes portray what she actually is, deep down: evil.

That's the logical conclusion to draw after hearing about her latest attempt to bring her brand of evil into the pristine and innocent world of trademark law. When you think of the word "Katonah," what probably comes to mind is - well, nothing probably, unless you live in the small suburban New York village of the same name, or are a member of the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation, which boasted the original Chief Katonah.

But doggone it, those two groups are outraged with Martha's brazen attempt to trademark the Katonah name in order to slap it on the side of a new line of tarted-up crockpots and whatnot. The Native Americans are protesting, the villagers are launching opposition campaigns, and the press is eating it all up.

And what is Martha's spokesbot's explanation? That she "seeks to honor the town and the hamlet by using the word 'Katonah.'"

In other words, "As Martha is hauling her gold-filled bag of royalties to her lair, she will cast a sideways glance at you, little village, and reflect on how much money you have made for her and her selected minions."

We know you're better than this, Martha. Not a better person, but at least better at self-portrayal. Brush your hair again. Your horns are showing.

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