London 2012 vision should be checked

London has finally unveiled its logo for the 2012 Olympics!

London has finally unveiled its logo for the 2012 Olympics!

Well. Don't all clap at once. That deafening silence is probably just a collective pause as the public contemplates this striking logo, whose message is...

"LoR?" No, that's not quite it. "WR?" Hmmm, not exactly. If you twist your head to the side and look through a periscope at it while standing on one leg, it looks something like... "Vom?"

The truth is, nobody knows what the hell London's logo is all about. (Though rumor has it, it's meant to depict the year 2012.) It's an amorphous, garish blob of off-putting colors in non-geometric shapes that would make the lowliest street graffiti writer blush in embarrassment. But hey, it's London's Olympics, so who really cares, right?

Except that the city spent close to $1 million coming up with this monstrosity. This is only the latest example of the inherent dangers of spending government funds on "branding" initiatives - which have never been, and probably never will be, accepted by the general public as a particularly good use of money.

It's one thing to be a slick consultant who knows why the logo is the very embodiment of your city's soul. It's quite another to be Joe Public, covering your eyes from the clashing colors and having epileptic fits (true) from the flashing logo on the 2012 Web site. Sebastian Coe, London's 2012 organizing committee chairman, offered this comical quote to the media, "This is the vision at the very heart of our brand."

And that vision is... "Orp?"

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