Bridging generation gap

I just read Tom Martin's column ("Generations can teach each other - if given the chance," (sub req'd) PRWeek, May 7) and had to write and say how right-on he is.

I just read Tom Martin's column ("Generations can teach each other - if given the chance," (sub req'd) PRWeek, May 7) and had to write and say how right-on he is.

I'm young, just 24, but my mind is always racing. I'm lucky enough to work in a small agency where, during staff meetings, my ideas are heard and sometimes used. My friends who went the large-agency route sit in meetings and keep their mouths shut, for fear of being berated by a senior executive. They have wonderful minds and produced some cutting-edge work in college, but suddenly they are relegated to finding press clips.

Thanks for putting the idea out there that communication works both ways and that it might take the senior executive saying hello before a junior employee has the courage to open up his or her mouth.

Tim Shisler
Dovetail Public Relations
Los Gatos, CA

Turning PR green

As communications consultants, we are always looking for the next big thing. Many PR experts speculate that "going green" will be the next hot topic.

Soon companies will be told to adopt greener policies, but it will be the forward-looking companies that go beyond the mandates who will enjoy the positive reputation.

Our efforts and counsel will help clients become leaders. As PR practitioners, we are positioned to lead the charge toward corporate environmentalism. We have a responsibility to encourage going green - to be role models for our clients and enhance our own social responsibility efforts. As we counsel our clients on the importance of environmentalism in business, we must make PR greener, too.

The three R's are the key to environmental responsibility. We must Reduce our consumption, Reuse to promote conservation, and offset our resources by Recycling. Here are a few easy steps that we can take in our offices:

Replace regular light bulbs with Energy Star-qualified lighting. These light bulbs use about 75% less energy.

Turn off appliances when not in use. Turning off lights and putting computers to sleep will generate savings in energy use.

Buy green products like recycled paper, biodegradable breakroom supplies and non-toxic cleaners. Large office suppliers like Staples now offer green products, some of which are more cost-efficient than standard brands.

Reduce printing, using electronic transmittal of documents to decrease paper use.

Changes must be made. PR can be a leader in that, and we can show our clients that we practice what we preach. Positioning ourselves as responsible is an important step - helping our clients follow our lead will both enhance our reputations and make a tangible difference in environmental sustainability.

Sarah Gerrol
Associate, Morrissey & Co.

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