Measurement of PR success gets a personal touch

When a measurement company provides a personalized approach, its clients can build metrics to meet their needs.

When a measurement company provides a personalized approach, its clients can build metrics to meet their needs.

While some clients want to actively take part in the measurement process, others would rather just see the final numbers or use it to complement their in-house system.

Several measurement companies give clients options, especially since the rules of engaging with different media are more subjective than ever. Those options are especially useful as agencies increase their outreach to new and social media.

For example, Context Analytics - a subsidiary of Text 100 - personalizes its service to give data contextual detail.

"That core knowledge isn't really common to most PR agencies," says Nils Mork-Ulnes, research director for Context Analytics.

Cisco uses its in-house measurement tools to build upon Context's services.
"We used their expertise along with our [own] to make it exactly what we needed," says Carol Welsh, manager of corporate PR at Cisco. She adds that Context lets them measure three major communications areas - PR, IR, and analyst relations.

VMS is another measurement company that integrates the personalized approach with artificial intelligence.

"We don't see it as one or the other - but really both," says Jim Waggoner, president of professional services at VMS.

"Different people want different things," explains Michael Giovia, VP of marketing and PR at VMS. For instance, the company's Insight Web platform allows clients to tailor their measurement.

"One of its greatest strengths is that it is almost infinitely customizable," he says. It allows clients to decide whether they just want plain numbers or a higher-end view of the data.

Ultimately, however, each client has its own criteria for measuring success - whether it is for tone or messaging.

"What is positive to one company could be considered neutral to another," adds Giovia.

Key points:

Personalized measurement services let clients determine data details

By using personalized measurement services, clients can integrate in-house measurement with outside services

Personalized measurement services offer clients human analysts to put data in full context

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