Chevron promotes oil industry with videogame

SAN RAMON, CA: Chevron has launched an interactive game that draws attention to the importance of fossil fuels.

SAN RAMON, CA: Chevron has launched an interactive game that draws attention to the importance of fossil fuels.

“Energyville” – launched Sept. 5 at – lets players power their own city, and depicts the economic, environmental, and security trade-offs that come with supplying energy. The game is targeted towards voters who have influence over policymakers.

"Until recently…our industry didn't do a very good job of communicating the value of energy in people's lives or the ubiquity of energy in people's lives,” said Dave Samson, Chevron’s GM of public affairs. “Subsequently, we've had a lot of energy policies that have begun to take shape and be enacted that actually puts us in greater risk in terms of our energy security," Samson added, referring to recent policies that might prevent drilling in Alaska and the Gulf coast.

The game features alternative energy sources, but emphasizes the world’s reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

“It's to educate people on energy issues,” Samson said. “And the complexity of what we believe is the most important industry there is – which is energy."

“The real message is, it would be hard to find an industry that is more important to our standard of living and our well-being than energy,” he added. “Yet many people see it through a very narrow lens and that narrow lens is often the price at the pump.”

The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Economist Group’s research arm, provided the content, and acted as an advertising partner for the game.

“I think we are an increasingly important part of the media landscape in the [United States] and Chevron wants to partner with people who have influential readers,” said Paul Rossi, Publisher, North America, The Economist.

The publication has previously worked with Chevron to supply data and content for its “Will You Join Us” campaign.

“Chevron came to us with a communications problem and we came back to them with a set of ideas how to engage our readers to solve that communications problem,” said Justin Hendrix, PR manager, Americas at The Economist.

Bite Communications is working with Chevron to promote Energyville to the tech media and the blogosphere. is a discussion forum that Chevron created last year.


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