Write makes wrong in the case of Daly

Perhaps Carson Daly has not thought things through.

Perhaps Carson Daly has not thought things through.

He seems to have gotten the impression that America just can't go on any longer without new material from him to help us survive the difficult Hollywood writers' strike.

You're wrong, Carson.

We're sure there are people who miss Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Many are fiending for new episodes of The Office. Some may even be wistful for Saturday Night Live. But very few, we are willing to wager, have felt severe withdrawal pains for Last Call with Carson Daly, a show whose audience consists of insomniacs and the occasional guest of the show who stays up to watch the replay.

Nevertheless, Daly has decided to break the Writers Guild's picket line and go back to work. The AP notes that he is not a member of the Guild himself - stunning for someone of Daly's literary renown.

But did he stop to ask himself this?: "If Leno and Conan are in reruns, who'll slog through those rehashed retreads to be rewarded only with a payoff of Daly delivering jokes he wrote himself?"

Our guess is that he has not.

So Carson, or Mr. Daly, or whatever it is people call you now that you've left TRL for even more depressing surroundings: It's not too late to go back to reruns yourself. Writers aren't usually big, but most can still beat you up.

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