5 communicators we liked to hear

1 Al Gore
The former VP won a Nobel Prize this fall, capping off a campaign that began with the release of his film An Inconvenient Truth. He's been a better communicator outside of elected office.

2 Roger Goodell
When Goodell was named as Paul Tagliabue's successor as NFL commissioner, his bold talking may have been recognized, but initial skepticism remained at his ability to deal with the league's problems. Goodell was unwavering, though, suspending Pacman Jones for the entire season and Michael Vick indefinitely.

3 Steve Jobs
For the first time in recent memory, there were missteps for Mr. Apple, yet the CEO seemed to effortlessly guide the company back on track. With the iPhone's launch, he introduced the latest must-have toy, and when it reduced the price only weeks later, Jobs offered everyone store credit to keep his fans happy.

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger
There aren't many doubters in California these days. The Governator has bounced back again and again, showing leadership in the midst of the worst disaster in the state since the Northridge earthquake and by defying his own party on a number of issues.

5 Rupert Murdoch
When his bid for Dow Jones was first announced, it was viewed by many as something that would never happen. But Murdoch managed to say all the right things at the right times - emphasizing commitment to editorial quality - and in the process snagged one of the crown jewels of business media.

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