5 communicators we couldn't bear

1 Scott Boras
By announcing that his client Alex Rodriguez would opt out of his contract during the World Series, Boras took greed to a new level.

2 Fred Thompson
A campaign that was supposed to light a fire under the GOP has not excited anyone.

3 John "Pat" Philbin
When your agency is facing its biggest crisis of the year, do not hold an impromptu fake press conference. Philbin, former head of public affairs at FEMA, did just that when the organization tried to set up a last-minute press conference in the midst of the Southern California wildfires.

4 Hugo Chavez
Being belligerent in front of the UN and being told to shut up by the King of Spain didn't help his international respectability any.

5 John Mackey
Apparently, the CEO of Whole Foods never got the transparency memo. In July, he was caught posting to the comments section of the company Web site's blog using a pseudonym.

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