5 agency sites that annoyed*

1 http://www.burson-marsteller.com/default.aspx
You may wonder, "When will it ever load?" Ah, yes, you had to wait for the animated avatar to get ready to spout bland marketing speak. Combined with the huge promotion for CEO Mark Penn's book "Microtrends," the site wants to hide whatever information that might be relevant about the firm.

2 http://www.schwartz.com/
You lost us, immediately, with the homepage flash animation of falling letters that assemble to spell out GS Schwartz & Co. Where's the content to draw in the reader? But it gets worse. The news releases are PDFs, the site changes fonts at random, and the navigation is unnecessary due to the paucity of info on the site.

3 http://text100.com/
The agency that was first to conquer Second Life still has not figured out how to put RSS feeds on its news section. Combined with an image of people doing handstands, the miniscule navigation buried on the left-hand side, and the undistinguished marketing copy, this site does not impress.

4 http://www.coynepr.com/
Coyne PR must have employed a good SEO firm because from its opening image to a list of clients, it all appears to be locked up in Flash prison. That, combined with no thought leader-ship content, is no way to build organic traffic.

5 http://waggeneredstrom.com/
WE's inclusion on this list is unfortunate, given the site is easy to use and has a lot of information. But the homepage looks like a poorly put-together high school paper, and the text randomly changes colors and sizes. A PR firm should know about first impressions. **

* Based on sites as of December 3.

** Denotes the Web site has changed since publication

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