10 stunts that were Barnum worthy

1 Tony Soprano closes his eyes
A circus-like frenzy for the hit show's finale ended with a thud as nothing seemingly happens except Tony blinks just after Meadow walks into the diner and creator David Chase decided to roll the credits. You could hear an entire nation screaming "What?!"

2 Captain gets capped
This summer's JFK-style assassination of Captain America drew coverage from nearly all major media outlets.

3 Colbert for Prez
Steven Colbert's bid for president may have ended in South Carolina after election officials refused him ballot space, but The Colbert Report got more buzz.

4 Radiohead Robin Hood
The band made headlines in November by offering the digital version of their latest album on a pay-what-you-want basis.

5 Simpson circles
The Simpsons Movie made a splash on the other side of the pond when marketers carved a Homer crop circle in the English countryside. Despite outrage, the film grossed nearly $28 million on opening weekend in the UK.

6 Kanye and 50 Cent
The two hip-hop stars squared off in an album-selling war. 50 promised to retire if he was beat. Who won? Both. Kanye and 50 landed on Rolling Stone's cover.

7 David Beckham hits US soil
The frenzy surrounding the soccer god's US arrival was so overwhelming that it almost didn't matter that he only ended up playing five games due to ankle injuries.

8 Marc makes his mark
Hip-hop fashion mogul Marc Ecko bought Barry Bonds' record 756th home run ball and then launched a Web site asking visitors to vote on its fate. The majority wanted it branded with an asterisk and sent to the Hall of Fame. Bonds called Ecko an "idiot," which likely earned the latter even more street cred.

9 The Cartoonabomber
In February, Cartoon Network marketers planted blinking light installments under bridges and overpasses, sparking a security scare. The stunt planners landed in jail, but everyone now knows there's a network for cartoons.

10 The iMoan
Steve Jobs caught heat when prices for the Apple iPhone were slashed by $200 shortly after it hit the shelves. But he offered early-adopter rebates, scored headlines, and got people back into the stores to spend their rebates on more merchandise.

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