Bloggers weigh in on writer's strike

Twelve weeks into the writer's strike and an end may be in sight, with various studios striking deals that allow the writers to get back to work.

Twelve weeks into the writer's strike and an end may be in sight, with various studios striking deals that allow the writers to get back to work. The media frenzy around the strike has been evident since the early rumors last year, and doesn't seem to be letting up. Scripts for television shows are quickly running out, the Golden Globes were aired in a “different format,” and loyal TV junkies have found other ways to occupy their time. We turned to opinion leaders in the blogosphere to see what kinds of conversations have been happening around the strike. Read on for details…

• While bloggers have not been matching the media coverage frenzy word-for-word, the influencers are paying attention. Not surprisingly, two-thirds of bloggers side with the striking writers. As writers themselves, many have touched upon what they deem as greed by the studios. As for those who feel it's the writers' responsibility to end the debate? Many influencers say the quality of today's TV programming doesn't warrant a prolonged strike.

• Traditional media – both print and broadcast – have been all about the impact of the strike on the Oscars. A recent search on Google News found over 540 articles on the subject. Oddly, the topic really hasn't caught on fire with the online influencers – so far at least. Only 17% of the bloggers are talking about how the strike could impact the ceremony.

• Many online opinion leaders are discussing the alternatives to a night of watching scripted television shows. Reality shows are a popular topic of discussion, as are video rental services like Netflix and video sites on the Internet. In fact, some influencers, like the NetworkWorld blogging crew, put out of list of the Top 15 Internet Video Sites to check out during the strike.

• One topic widely discussed in traditional media, which has very little play among online influencers, is the impact of the strike on advertising. While traditional outlets continue to report on the fact that advertising rates will drop as re-runs dominate the programming schedule, only a tiny fraction of influential entertainment blogs are focusing on the strike's adverse effects on advertising.

The key take-away? In the case of the writer's strike, traditional media coverage has taken the lead in much of the buzz. Perhaps it's a case of looking after their fellow journalists, or maybe the influencers are simply ditching TV all together to spend more time online.

Based on the analysis of 469 blog postings from January 1-28, 2008. Evaluation and analysis by BuzzLogic.

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