Boosting event participation, tips on measurement, more

I am coordinating a live press conference for a merger announcement involving US and European-based firms. How do I maximize event participation beyond those attending?

Live-event transmission
I am coordinating a live press conference for a merger announcement involving US and European-based firms. How do I maximize event participation beyond those attending?

"When producing a video conference or webcast, keep in mind that the magnitude of the event itself should warrant a live broadcast," states Michele Wallace of Medialink. "The event should relay time-sensitive information that is delivered directly by business leaders at the center of the news."

By employing satellite and streaming video technology, she adds, you can engage your audiences in the ways they prefer to experience your visual news while giving them immediate access to your executives.

In addition, by setting up cameras on location for a live satellite transmission of your press conference, video can easily be used by broadcast TV newsrooms for a simultaneous broadcast of "breaking news" or recorded for a later report.

"When your news requires a concurrent internal announcement, the same camera and satellite set-up can facilitate a live video webcast for employees, investors, or other business partners," Wallace notes. The video signal is converted to a format conducive for a live online program that can be viewed on computers in conference rooms or offices. Participants can e-mail or call in via telephone to pose questions during the live event.

With declining broadcast viewers and print circulations, our media impressions are also decreasing. What other ways of measuring audience reach outside of circulation and broadcast figures are there?

"Although these audiences and circulations are declining, online audiences are exploding, and online syndication networks are extending the reach and shelf life of earned media hits," says Susan Kearney of Voxant. "Many networks offer fully licensed news content, from a variety of top news organizations, that can be embedded to blogs and Web sites.

"Online syndication networks push content to a more targeted and measurable audience than traditional media," she adds. "This ensures not only an extended life for your news clips, but also new audiences."

Upwards of 120,000 new blogs start daily, Kearney notes, creating new venues for your client's earned media placements. These generate new audiences.

"Measure online pick-up of earned media hits to ensure that you are capturing the full audience reach," she suggests.

Internet searches
What are some cost-effective ways that companies can attract online consumers and capture their information?

Anyone on the first page of Google is your competition, explains Amy Selbach of SZPR. Identify what terms customers use to search for products and services like yours,
and where they go for information.

She suggests making a list of search terms consumers may use to find you. Using a site like can help. Include favored search terms in your press releases and Web content, adds Selbach.

She also advises adding hotlinks to landing pages in your press releases rather than your main URL, so that you can track where leads are coming from.

"Host videos and podcasts behind a registration page so you can capture who is finding you," says Selbach, "and offer prospects a download for their contact information."

Lastly, comment on popular blogs for your industry using key words and your product name.

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