How do I build a great client relationship in the first few days to establish a long-standing partnership?

During the "romance phase," nurturing the bond between agency partner and client is crucial.

During the "romance phase," nurturing the bond between agency partner and client is crucial.

The first few months are key to setting the pace for the account, forming professional and personal bonds and demonstrating that you're willing to go the extra mile. Agency principals should attend meetings and call the client contact on a regular basis. It is also never too early to fill a client's in-box with strategic ideas to demonstrate your creative thinking.

Second, show your knowledge of the client's industry and competitors. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you need clarification and always admit when you are wrong or off-target, which will build credibility for the future.

Execute immediate deliverables, such as a media perception audit, short lead media relations, messaging architecture, and creative press materials to wow them. Go the extra mile to provide immediate results, without setting unrealistic expectations that may harm your team down the road.

Finally, you should look to nurture relationships by making time for dinner or a social event to get to know the client on a personal level. The more personal connections are formed, the better the professional relationship will be. This helps solidify a longstanding, mutually successful partnership.

Michael Olguin is president at Formula PR.

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