The blogosphere goes green for Earth Day

The protection of the Earth's natural resources has been a hot topic in traditional media over the last year, and surprising sources are fueling it.

The protection of the Earth's natural resources has been a hot topic in traditional media over the last year. With Earth Day upon us (April 22), BuzzLogic looked to the blogosphere to find out if the influential bloggers are talking about ways to celebrate our planet and promote habits that will help us sustain resources. While it's no surprise to discover “going green” is a focus within the blogosphere, we were a little surprised to see where the influential voices were coming from.

- When looking at the topic of “going green” who knows better than mom? Four of the top 10 influential blogs pertaining to going green are written by mother's groups: Boston Mamas, Chicago Moms, Blog that Mommy, and Motherproof. Mothers have picked up the green cause like wildfire, and are discussing all kinds of green topics from food to cleaning. Chicago Moms recently discussed the Generation Rescue ad campaign about making vaccines green for kids.

- If you don't have plans yet to celebrate our planet, look to the blogosphere for a host of ideas. Influential bloggers have latched on to green ideas and Earth Day celebrations. Approximately 50% of the influencers have posted information on fund-raisers and special events that will take place around April 22. More than 70% of the influencers discussed Earth Hour, an International campaign that took place last month. The overall theme of these posts was that it was a start, but we need much more energy restraint to make a dent in the Earth's problems.

- As you might imagine, blogosphere influencers are talking about many of the same green topics as traditional media. Readers can find tips on growing their own food, composting, making their own cleaning supplies, and even how to use soil and plants for a more sustainable home landscape. One of the most popular Earth Day/green topics being discussed among the influencers is shopping bags. Although both paper and plastic bags are recyclable, cities across the country are banning plastic bags, and paper bags use our natural resources. Influencers are buzzing about reusable alternatives that are both fashionable and strong enough to hold groceries and other heavy items. Nordstrom gained kudos in the blogosphere for its fashionable, brushed linen totes.

- Another popular topic among the Earth Day and green influencers is the cost of “going green.” Costs for green infrastructure – especially in homes – can be prohibitive, and organic food is often expensive. More than two-thirds of the influential bloggers have offered tips on how to go green without breaking the bank, and the Big Green Purse blog is soliciting readers to input their own stories on how they have shifted money to green initiatives. Some easy tips include forgoing bottled water for tap and using Evite instead of paper invitations.

Earth Day seems to be one of the times in which traditional media and the blogosphere are in sync. There is agreement in the need to celebrate and protect our planet, and both the traditional and social media are buzzing with helpful tips and ideas to participate in Earth Day.

Based on the analysis of 24,535 blog postings from January 1 – April 14, 2008.

Evaluation and analysis by BuzzLogic

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