The growth of green radio, networking tools, more

How does green radio's growth affect media relations?

Green radio
How does green radio's growth affect media relations?
Knowing which stations have gone green helps refine story pitches to match the content they seek, says David Beasley, marketing manager at News Generation. "This can help ensure strong environmental stories and issues find their rightful place on the air," he adds.

Knowing which stations are airing green programming allows you to enhance your targeted pitching.

"Personnel and formats can sometimes be switched overnight," he explains. "The modern rock station you listen to on Wednesday can be a Spanish talk station by Thursday morning."

When a station begins to focus on green issues, it is important to be aware and be adept enough to tailor pitches accordingly.

"The growing importance of the green movement almost ensures more stations will begin to incorporate green programming into their lineups," Beasley notes.

Networking tools
Are there any new tools out there that can help me connect with others PR pros?
Jeffrey Davis of Sawmill Marketing Public Relations touts the Twitter micro-blogging service.

"Twitter can be used to monitor trends in social media by following and participating in exchanges with some leading thinkers in social media and PR," he says. "People share links to interesting blog posts and news stories, send live updates from conferences, and comment on real-life experiences from a PR perspective."

Many news organizations are distributing updates via Twitter, making the service a valuable source for breaking news. Some companies are also using the site to communicate with their audiences.

"Take time to locate and follow people in your area of interest," Davis says. "Then take part in the conversations to help this new communications form evolve."

Comms budgets
How can we stretch our budget in a recession?

When dollars are limited, it's time to re-evaluate how communication materials are working. "Budgets are stretched and there's a need to give more substance to collateral," says Lori Wilson of Funnel Incorporated.

Infographics are a great cost-effective investment because they can be used everywhere from print to interactive, she adds.

Trimming a brochure into a concise, persuasive two-page visualization that captivates an audience also greatly reduces printing and paper costs.

"Whether for a pitch, launch, or product demo, infographics pull an audience in and are more memorable than a deck of bulleted text," Wilson says.

Visual instructions can also be great for internal processes and help staff become more efficient and confident in the execution of projects.

"A portable visual blueprint of potential scenarios, sequential actions, and procedures can be e-mailed, laminated, or tacked to a wall to keep everyone on the same page," Wilson notes.

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