Having green-friendly events, power of texting, and more

How can I plan an event while keeping high sustainability standards in mind?

How can I plan an event while keeping high sustainability standards in mind?

When it comes to "greening" events, small changes can make a big impact. "Quality [needn't] be sacrificed," says Debra Rizzi, partner at Rizco Design. "Decisions need to be strategic and focused on minimizing waste."

You should design and print wisely, and construct your backdrops out of fabric or cardboard, avoiding vinyl if possible.

"When choosing food, order organic, and use reusable plates, linens, and glassware," Rizzi adds.

Live plants are great as decorations, but you should donate or plant them after the event.

"Try to reduce single-serving items like bottled water and individually packaged goods," she suggests. "Go buffet style and serve drinks in large containers."

Finally, remember to recycle and to mark bins prominently. None of these tactics will take away from your event, but they will show a dedication to sustainability.

Targeted outreach
How can I ensure that I am creating clear and relevant messages for my target audience?

Crafting a relevant message can be done in a few simple steps, says Colleen Edwards, president of The PowerMark Group.

"Start by fully understanding the viewpoint of your audience," she notes. "Consider the business problems they are they facing and the impact of those problems." Then clearly define your objective, such as your client's targets and goals.

"Begin writing, keeping in mind your targets are intelligent human beings," Edwards adds. "The more closely you tailor your message to address their specific problems, the more receptive they'll be to your solution."

Be sure to only include the critical message and call to action. People have precious little time and short attention spans today.

Finally, determine the best medium to carry the message to your target. "If your message is strong and on target, it will resonate," she says.

Text messaging
How can we best capitalize on the popularity of text messaging?

Ris‘ Birnbaum, founder and CEO of Zcomm, emphasizes that text messaging is a PR tool that should be used more often.

"Millennials and Gen-Xers use texting more often than phone calls," she notes. "PR pros need to recognize and take advantage of the fact that technology is a huge part of young peoples' lives."

A 2007 Nielsen Mobile survey showed that more than 75 million people prefer text messages to TV ads.

"In a promotion, texting is fun and can make messages more memorable," Birnbaum says, adding that texting has become a major tool to reach the youth audience. "Adding a universal interactive service to a promotion provides an opportunity to reach captive listeners."

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