Sarah Palin's speech draws mostly applause

Palin mocks Obama in speech; Microsoft competes with rival Wii in holiday sales; Vytorin's image issues continue; and more.

Sarah Palin's highly anticipated speech at the RNC drew mostly favorable responses from the press. According to The New York Times, "Clearly, her big task on Wednesday and in the days ahead was to drive home the image the McCain campaign has sought to attach to this unexpected pick: the corruption-fighting governor from outside Washington, a socially conservative mother of five who can easily connect with working-class Americans in a way that Mr. Obama has so far had trouble doing."

Even so, the piece predicts as Palin moves into the national campaign she'll face more critical audiences and have "to navigate far less controlled campaign settings that will test not only her political skills but also her knowledge of foreign and domestic policy."


Microsoft slashes the cost of the Xbox in the United States, making it cheaper than its rival Wii just in time for retailers to begin stocking for the holiday season.

Google removes a provision in Chrome's EULA that had gotten the company in trouble with critics, because of its royalty-free copyright wording.

Vytorin's image issues continue as one prominent statistician claims there is no solid evidence the cholesterol drug Vytorin increases the risk of cancer death.

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