Readership survey

This PRWeek reader survey was conducted through an e-mail to subscribers, a link on, and through PRWeek's Facebook page. A total of 105 readers took the survey

This PRWeek reader survey was conducted through an e-mail to subscribers, a link on, and through PRWeek's Facebook page. A total of 105 readers took the survey

Favorite newspaper

The New York Times: 40%

Even though the Grey Lady has had plenty of missteps over the past 10 years, PRWeek readers still prefer it over any other daily newspaper. The publication has increased its multimedia initiatives and its political and business coverage recently.

Runners-up: The Wall Street Journal: 28%; USA Today: 14%

Preferred smart phone

Blackberry: 57%

It may seem like iPhone's world, but e-mail-obsessed PRWeek readers still love their Blackberry. The standard caveat applies: the iPhone is less than two years old, while the modern-day Blackberry has occupied PR professionals' hands for more than six years.

Runners-up: iPhone: 15%; Don't have one: 14%

Favorite blog 7%

With millions of blogs – and PRWeek giving readers the open-ended choice to pick their favorite – it's no surprise that more than 50 blogs were selected. What was surprising is that the always-snarky, often-inappropriate celebrity blog was selected by the most respondents.

Runner-up: 4%

Are you on Facebook?

Yes: 84%

But have they “friended” their boss? With companies launching social media campaigns and other ways to gauge customer sentiment, it's a shock that all PR professionals are not on the popular social networking site. Just hope you've figured out the restricted profile option.

Favorite alcoholic beverage

Red wine: 23%

Oenophiles rejoice – the industry likes red wine foremost, with white wine (22%) ranking second. That leads some to wonder why the wine poured at many press events is often substandard. Perhaps they are saving the good stuff for themselves.

Others in the running: Beer: 14%; Don't drink: 12%

Favorite TV show

Mad Men: 15%

PRWeek readers, apparently, cannot get enough marketing drama from work. Even though AMC's hit show is about advertising, the PR industry is still enrapt (Look: a Rogers & Cowan reference). For this group, Don Draper bests moody beautiful doctors who sometimes find time to operate and absurdist suburban office situations any day.

Runners-up: Grey's Anatomy: 14%; The Office: 11%

Favorite mode of conversation

E-mail: 54%

Whither Alexander Graham Bell? Whether pushed by journalists who dislike phone pitches or driven by the ability to perfect one's message, PRWeek readers are fans of electronic mail. Which leads us to wonder: Why do we always seem to get phone calls when on deadline?

Runners-up: Phone: 26%; Instant messaging: 6%

Favorite journalist

Thomas Friedman and Diane Sawyer: 7% each

PRWeek readers have diverse opinions about their favorite journalist. Thomas Friedman has made his mark through his New York Times column and much-cited book The World is Flat. Diane Sawyer rose to prominence by pursuing tough interviews during ABC's Good Morning America and Primetime Live programs

Runners-up: Brian Williams; Andrew Ross Sorkin; others: 2%

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