10 PR stunts that would make PT Barnum proud

1 Pringles can coffin
Dr. Frederic Baur, who called the Pringles tube his most significant invention, was cremated and laid to rest in his signature tube in June.

2 Self promoter for hire
When MIT graduate Joshua Persky couldn't find a job, he hit the street – literally. Wearing a sandwich board with his e-mail address and phone number, he passed out resumes on a New York City street corner.

3 Caffeine buzz
Starbucks provided a free cup of coffee upon voters' requests on Election Day, generating strong buzz. This was despite having to tweak its original plan due to the legal implications of providing a reward for voting.

4 American crop
Swanson Russell Associates went all out to welcome American Idol auditions to its home city of Omaha, NE. The five-acre corn crop circle with AI's logo guaranteed the city – and agency – its 15 seconds of fame.

5 Failed magic
David Blaine's plan to hang upside down in New York City's Central Park for 60 hours in September was supposed be one of his most difficult stunts of all time. Criticism ran rampant when he was found taking breaks during portions of the feat.

6 Viral marketing gets violent
A viral marketing campaign for an album by Ashanti featured a personalized fake news clip about a woman who went on a killing spree after she found out her boyfriend was cheating, all inspired by Ashanti's music video. The site was eventually pulled down.

7 Cotton field in NYC
Luxury cotton brand Supima infused farming into New York City when it planted a cotton field in the SoHo area to promote Supima's designer collaboration pop-up store.

8 LG pulls a fast one
LG built a campaign around the launch for a TV series called Scarlet, complete with a live actress, red carpet, advertising, and, finally, an invite to a “TV show premiere.” Little did attendees know, the “show premiere” was only a showcase of its new red back panel TVs.

9 Risqué virgins
Virgin Mobile launched “Strip2Clothe,” encouraging people to post videos of themselves undressing to give the clothes literally off their back to homeless youth. For each video and every five views, Virgin donated an article of clothing to a nonprofit. However, criticism ensued as groups complained it was too risqué for its youth market.

10 The heat is on
Uniqlo is popular in its native Japan, but to boost brand awareness in the US, it handed out free Heat Tech clothing via a human vending machine, complete with men in silver bodysuits in Times Square. Note for next year – anything that involves silver bodysuits makes this list.

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