10 Lasting memories of the 2008 presidential election season

1. McCain's song parody bombs
John McCain learns the power of YouTube when a video of him at a small gathering singing “bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys' Barbara Ann spreads like wildfire.

2. Hillary has a heart
In a rare display of emotion, Hillary Clinton sheds a tear during a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire. She ends up surprising everyone by winning the primary.

3. Secret handshake
Fox News anchor E.D. Hill labels a supportive fist bump between Barack and Michelle Obama a “terrorist fist jab.”

4. Obama takes a stand against racism
Obama addresses the criticized racially tinged remarks of his former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright by giving a speech on race.

5. Edwards' dirty little secret
The National Enquirer breaks the news that former presidential candidate John Edwards had an extramarital affair. Edwards calls a contrite press conference, but reminds everyone that he didn't cheat until after his wife was in remission from cancer.

6. Ich bein ein berliner, part deux?
Barack Obama draws an estimated crowd of more than 200,000 in Berlin for a speech in July.

7. Say it ain't so
Obama and McCain reference “Joe the Plumber” 26 times during a debate; a star is born.

8. Celebrity un-endorsement
McCain seizes upon Obama's Berlin speech and unveils an ad campaign that compares his Democratic opponent to Paris Hilton, labeling him as a celebrity unfit to lead.

9. Seeing double
Days before the election, Sarah Palin appears in the same sketch as doppelganger Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, poking fun at the show's caricature of her.

10. Puppy love
President-elect Obama promises his daughters a puppy during his acceptance speech. An interested media, and world, suggest their favorite breeds in anticipation of the pooch's arrival.

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