TOY BOX: TriSenx brings the internet to its senses

I normally don't pull text off others' websites, but this is a fun one.

I normally don't pull text off others' websites, but this is a fun one.

TriSenx, the makers of smell/taste downloadable "things," has this to say about its digitally enhanced products: "TriSenx is an end-to-end provider of sensory-enhanced net experiences that develops technology which renders smell and taste simulations over the internet. Before TriSenx, the internet was limited to visual and audio stimulations. These guys take that experience to the next level to enable all senses on the net." So says Ellwood Ivey Jr., TriSenx's CEO. TriSenx will make numerous online experiences more real, from e-commerce to education. The possibilities are endless, the transmissions are real. The web has finally come to its senses! The entire system is easily integrated into a typical computer and printer. Something called a Pezio head is attached to your printer like an ink cartridge. The moving head works the same way. It sprays the taste and smell onto the paper. (Buy rice paper.) Any questions? Write us at Price You can buy the special printer attachment for $219, including beta smells Cool Factor It comes from Georgia, where it smells pretty all the time. Included in this "chemical palate" are flavors like strawberry and coffee. For a smell of a good time, go to
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