TOY BOX: Looking to alleviate stress? Just bead it

My assistant feels I am too tense.

My assistant feels I am too tense.

I've been running on JetBlue to "the coast" a lot, so I'm always in stress mode. He goes and buys me aromatherapy beads. I, of course, laugh. They're headache relief beads. But it turns out they do calm you, and are a drug-free alternative to stuffy head meds. Now if you're a stuffed shirt every day, there's simply no bead that will help you. These, however, have benefits like "aroma therapeutic stress relief," and contain tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils. Sprinkle a few in a drawstring bag (included), and inhale to get free and easy breathing passages, and an ease of the throes of daily life. Sounds fun. The bag is 3.65 ounces, costs $8.50, and let's just say it cures the common cold. Well, sort of. Available from Solutions ( or 800-342-9988). Ask for item 66454, and be stress/cold/headache/stuffiness free. But don't sneeze while ordering on phone. It's rude. Any questions? Write us at
  • Richard Laermer is author of the just-released Full Frontal PR ( and CEO of RLM Public Relations ( ----- Price $8.50 Cool Factor It's so easy to get calmer now - ahhh isn't that better? Beads are no longer a '60s thang. Why go for DayQuilTM when you can sniff and be cool. You might want to give these to your boss. It worked on me.

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