MEDIA PROFILE: Fresh, hip, and quirky items give DailyCandy its unique flavor

DailyCandy demands the same traits from a PR pitch that it does from any product it covers - it must be edgy, creative, and different from anything any other outlet has written about.

DailyCandy demands the same traits from a PR pitch that it does from any product it covers - it must be edgy, creative, and different from anything any other outlet has written about.

Those with a sweet tooth for fashion take note: is a one-stop hotspot for girls and guys with attitude, pizzazz, and an appetite for what's hip and fresh. While DailyCandy is not comprehensive enough to be a city guide, this sharp-shooting website sends out daily e-mail blasts to its trendy readers. It prides itself on being plugged into the quirky side of the scene, highlighting hot products, places, and trends for those who want to be in the know. Founded in March 2000, DailyCandy's mission has always been to provide simple and catchy updates on hot but rare fashion items without bogging readers down with unnecessary information or hype. Its tongue-in-cheek voice will never speak of a household name or trend sweeping the nation so, when pitching this site, make sure your presentation is tailored, creative, quirky, and, most importantly, that it gives a fresh nod to style. "We're not looking at what everyone else is writing about," says executive editor Pavia Rosati. "The worst thing for us would be for a reader to get an e-mail and say, 'Hey, I knew that!' We always want to be the first ones out with a story, whether it be a new designer, new trend, or new book. The idea can be classic or old if there's a fresh spin on it. We just want things that are irresistibly quirky and nothing too pre-packaged or thoughtful." This light-hearted website has a serene and streamlined look, with illustrations designed to look like stationery. DailyCandy shouldn't be approached like more chic titles such as Vogue or New York. Its editors are quick to note their careful filtering process that allows for only one out of every 20 pitches to make it to the web. "We don't care about Gucci watches," says Rosati. "But we do care about that $890 Gucci yoga mat that people are buying. We only write about things we like. We may be smart-ass about it and say, 'Who would spend that much on a yoga mat?' We'll definitely be tongue-in-cheek, but we'll never slam something. It's not our style." Launched almost three years ago in New York, the editorial team has since gone bicoastal with an LA office that opened last year. The DailyCandy team is young, hip, and down-to-earth. Staffers pride themselves on being good scouts with strong editorial integrity. The editors are quick to point out that no one can pay to get their product on the site, a strict policy the team believes in so emphatically that they outline it in an e-mail called "The 411 on your Candy" every six months. While DailyCandy does not disclose its circulation, founder and chairman Dany Levy says that the number is "more than the Hollywood trades and less than The Wall Street Journal." The editors will disclose some key demographic information: 91% of their readers are women, 60% are between 25 and 34 years of age, and the median income is $100,000. The website's "Local Candy" items include sample sales or hot restaurant openings in New York or LA, and DailyCandy is expanding its "Everywhere" and "Kids" sections to include products or designs that can be found in any geographical location. Readers will then be able to see skirts or soy products that are all the rage in Manhattan's NoLita neighborhood or West Hollywood and order them online. Don't worry that DailyCandy only wants pitches sent to the general editorial e-mail address. They will be considered and, as long as they are prepared with care and don't try to feed the editors an angle, they could succeed. Puma recently sent a pitch on a limited edition pinstriped tracksuit for men which overjoyed the editorial team. "That was just hilarious for us," says Rosati. "It had so many perfect elements in it. It was classic, modern, limited-edition, plastic fashion, and silly. We took the angle that tracksuits are everywhere but corporate America." The tracksuit review was called "On Track." It was featured on April 30 with the comment, "Perfect for that special Mr. Big Shot who can't decide if his look says 'all business' or 'all party.' Or, better yet, 'all fashion victim.'" When pitching this collage of fun, fashion, and function, remember that these editors are looking for style with an edge and class with a twist. "When we get a morning e-mail, we want to be surprised," says Rosati. "We want to say something like, 'Who thought to make a pillow that stays cool all night and is called Chillo?' That, for us, is just priceless." ----- Contact list DailyCandy NYC Address 158 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013 LA Address 5619 West Fourth Street, Suite 2, Los Angeles, CA 90036 Tel (646) 230-8719 Website E-mail Founder and chairman Dany Levy Executive editor Pavia Rosati Managing editor Ashley McAdams West Coast editor Eve Epstein Bicoastal staff writer Michele Wissot LA correspondent Sally Horchow Senior staff writer Tessa Benson

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