CAMPAIGNS: Deloitte software shows dedication to cutting out bull

PR Team: Deloitte Consulting (New York) and Ketchum (Chicago) Campaign: Bullfighter Time Frame: June 2003-ongoing Budget: About $70,000 globally

PR Team: Deloitte Consulting (New York) and Ketchum (Chicago) Campaign: Bullfighter Time Frame: June 2003-ongoing Budget: About $70,000 globally

Since the accounting scandals of Enron and WorldCom, the jargon problem in the business world has become evermore apparent. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see business is full of bull now," says Deloitte Consulting director of global PR Sally Peng. Deloitte Consulting had been working on a campaign emphasizing straight talk when a consultant challenged the firm to put its money where its mouth is. What ensued was a company-wide contest to come up with the most "bull" words, or jargon that is used too much in business today. Ten thousand words were compiled, with 350 being entered into what became known as the Bullfighter dictionary. This eventually turned into a new software program called Bullfighter. When installed, it creates a tool bar in Microsoft Word documents, and checks for use of "bull" words. Printed inside the Bullfighter CD case are common examples of "bull" and what those sentences really mean, demonstrating how Bullfighter can help. For example, "We excel at the dissemination of scalable, extensible, global initiatives - and their socialization throughout an entire enterprise" means, simply, "We work on large, challenging projects." "It's like a language police, always there reminding you of words you shouldn't be using," explains Peng. Strategy Originally, Deloitte had only planned to use Bullfighter internally to help employees cut out the "bull" in their documents. Deloitte used Bullfighter to analyze 3,000 documents from corporate America, and the results were not flattering. As businesses got worse, more jargon appeared in their documents. So when the company realized what it had, it decided to bring Bullfighter to the world. Ketchum was hired for help in the US market. Deloitte intended to "raise the issue for all businesses that straight talking means accountability," says Ketchum senior account supervisor Michelle Darrow. The goal for the campaign was to use "straight-talking, clear-cut means to generate widespread coverage for a consulting firm in an era of bad coverage," adds Darrow. Deloitte wanted to show the business world that it was time to get jargon out of working language, and help repair the relationship between a business and its clients. Tactics Deloitte's goal was to reach out to "prospective clients and show them that Deloitte was serious about straight talk," says Peng. To do this, Deloitte first had to give the public access to the Bullfighter software. Deloitte then set up a website that allowed anyone to either download the program or have a CD of the program sent to them for free. Through Deloitte's push to radio, TV, and print media, Bullfighter had nearly 200 placements informing prospective clients about the program and its uses, as well as Deloitte's dedication to straight talk. The major placements for Bullfighter were articles in The New York Times and BusinessWeek, as well as stories on CNNfn, Nightly Business Report, and Fox News. Results The Bullfighter website has received 168,000 visitors to date. Eighty thousand people have downloaded the program, with 13,000 of those sending e-card recommendations from the website to their friends and colleagues. More than 7,200 CDs have been sent out, and there is now a large back order. Deloitte has also received countless e-mails lauding Bullfighter and the efforts made by the company to combat confusing jargon in business. Future More people are downloading Bullfighter and ordering CDs every day. Eventually, the goal will be to have Bullfighter "loaded on every computer," says Peng, but right now Deloitte is happy with what Bullfighter has become and what it says about the company.

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