JOURNALIST Q&A: Josh Quittner

Name: Josh Quittner Publication: Business 2.0 Title: Editor Preferred contact method: (415) 293-4800 Website:

Name: Josh Quittner Publication: Business 2.0 Title: Editor Preferred contact method: (415) 293-4800 Website:

Josh Quittner's mantra of "technology, business, and innovation" may sound broad, but it distinguishes his magazine, Business 2.0, from the litany of publications that wrote about tech for the sake of tech. Many of those gizmo-besotted titles went under with the dot-com collapse, while Business 2.0 lives on as a part of the Time Inc. empire. Quittner's been studying the intersection of tech and business at least since his days at Time, where he was technology editor and managing editor of the newsweekly's website. Here he talks to PRWeek about how his monthly keeps pace in the hectic world of business journalism. PRWeek: What sets Business 2.0's editorial sensibility apart from those of other magazines, like Wired and Fast Company, that began during the tech heyday and survived the bursting of the bubble? Josh Quittner: Business 2.0 is a terrific monthly business magazine about business, technology, and innovation. That's what sets us apart. We write for the new generation of business leaders who already "get" tech - they expect it to infuse business coverage. Wired had to reinvent itself by ditching its business coverage in favor of more general culture coverage. Fast Company is still trying to reinvent itself; it recently hired a new editor to do just that. PRWeek: Do you consider these titles your competition, or would you prefer that Business 2.0 be grouped with more general business publications? Quittner: We believe strongly that the roster of great business magazines has expanded to include a great weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. We aim to be that terrific business monthly - where we can uncover stories, report on trends before you read about them elsewhere, and get behind how business, technology, and innovation happens. PRWeek: Can a story without a technology angle make it into Business 2.0? Quittner: Yes. But our mantra is "business, technology, and innovation." Anything you read in Business 2.0 will have at least two out of those three. PRWeek: Business 2.0's website, along with other Time Inc. sites, is now open only to subscribers. How do you feel about paid-content models? Quittner: Actually, the door is wide open at, but if you want to read complete stories, yes, you need to be a subscriber or newsstand buyer. So far, it's worked for us. Subscriptions are up, traffic is steady, and we're happy with how it's working. PRWeek: The August cover story was right on the money in calling Yahoo's acquisition of Overture. But don't you ever get nervous about publishing predictions in the magazine? Quittner: As a monthly, we have to lead the parade, not follow it. If we can't get ahead of the pack, we aren't doing our job. I expect our writers to know what's going on in business, so predictions are part of that. We may not be right 100% of the time, but readers count on us to tell them what's next and what's ahead, so we will keep on doing it when it makes sense.

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