Lewis has what it takes to be a PR 'Survivor'

It's official: John Kerry needs a sex tape.

It's official: John Kerry needs a sex tape.

Granted, it should be poorly lighted. But it's becoming more and more obvious that there is no better way for under-noticed celebs to get some attention in 2004 than by getting filmed, getting exposed, then getting ostensibly angry about it.

Witness two stories last week as examples. First is the trailblazer herself, Paris Hilton, who wrapped up her sex tape "scandal" by dropping her lawsuit against the camera-happy ex in exchange for a cut of the profits. This is the same girl who made sure to be seen crying in New York restaurants days after the vid's release - and days before The Simple Life's debut.

But that's nothing compared to the chutzpah displayed by former Survivor Jenna Lewis. A press release from "It" Girl public relations informed reporters everywhere that the "sharp-witted, vibrant" pseudo-celeb was "fighting mad" over the release of a tape she and her husband made on their honeymoon. A tape, mind you, that got very little attention outside of rumors that Lewis herself had leaked it. (Don't forget - this is a woman so desperate for attention, she's taken a role on Nash Bridges.)

The release went on to say that she had been turning down "hordes" of interview requests, but was "rumored to be close to choosing the media outlet to grant an exclusive interview." It must have been a pretty reliable rumor, considering there was a number at the bottom for interview requests.

It would seem that Jenna not only had her PR firm publicize her mostly unnoticed, (allegedly) self-released sex tape, she had them spread the "rumor" that she was set to talk about it. She's Jenna Lewis, and she approved her sex tape.

  • Douglas Quenqua writes PR Play of the Week. He is PRWeek's Washington, DC, bureau chief.
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