Global profile: Publicis Dialog

Headquarters location: London

Headquarters location: London

Total staff numbers in US 276 Total non-US staff numbers 1047 Please list all office locations around the world, identifying which ones are affiliates, partnerships or wholly owned. Europe: France, Germany (2), Italy, UK (2), Switzerland, Austria, Holland (2), Hungary, and Finland USA: New York, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Irvine, Boise, Salt Lake City, San Francisco. Canada: Toronto, Montreal. Latin America: Mexico, Brazil Asia Pacific: Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China, Indonesia, Australia, and Vietnam All are owned by Publicis Groupe except Vietnam, which is an affiliate Please describe how your agency is structured globally (i.e. by practice, by office location, do you have client relationship managers that overlap, are your back offices integrated or not?): Publicis Dialog offers a core range of marketing services on a global basis including DM/CRM, Promotion and PR. The services offered in each local office are dependent on client and market needs with the majority of offices multi-disciplined. Client relationships are managed by holistic thinkers who may also be specialists. Back office functions such as production, project management, accounting and office services are shared. In some countries this will include sharing premises with our advertising agency Publicis. Please list three of your biggest international accounts: Allied Domecq Publicis Dialog is global AOR for all marketing services and advertising communication. The relationship has been in place since October 2003 on a long-term contract basis. The business is led from London where an international team coordinates communication development from lead markets and then implementation at a local level. Nestle Publicis is one of several global agencies of record with approximately 35% share of Nestle business. The Publicis network has worked for Nestle across 60 countries for over 50 years. We are retained on a long-term contract basis. Marketing services assignments vary by market and brand and are awarded on a local basis. The brand strategic and communication guideline development is lead by Paris with creative development and implementation handled locally. Renault Publicis is one of two global agencies working with Renault. The relationship is across 27 markets and has been held since 1963. We are retained on a long-term contract basis. The business is led locally with markets building full holistic communication based on a centrally developed idea. How have international revenues changed from one year ago? Revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions excluding the region in which your agency is headquartered. Revenue has significantly increased led by the win of the entire Allied Domecq business. (Percentage not supplied.) How has international staffing changed from one year ago? Staff numbers have significantly increased predominately due to new business wins from both organic growth and new clients. In particular there has been a strengthening of our management team both at a global and local level. (Percentage not supplied) If you are unable to answer any of the revenue or staffing questions, please describe in whatever terms you can the performance of your global operations over the past year. Unable to disclose figures but Publicis Dialog network has grown significantly in terms of business and offices. Several new offices have opened in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. Did performance meet or exceed expectations, or not? Please explain why. What external factors such as the war in Iraq, political issues, cultural issues, affected performance? All communication companies have been affected by the global events beyond our control and the effect on the global economy. Despite these difficult times Publicis Dialog has performed above expectation, growing through new business acquisition such as Allied Domecq as well as in organic growth through holistic development of existing clients. What business have you won, or lost, in the past year due to a global consolidation of PR business by the client? Please list Not supplied What regions are performing best right now and why? What regions are under-performing? Given the current nature of our client list Publicis Dialog Europe continues to be our best performing region and maintains its position as a top three marketing services company What region do you plan to invest more resources in this year than you did one year ago and why? What region are you decreasing investment in and why? We believe that there is potential for us to grow in the developing markets of Asia, predominantly China, Korea and India as well as in Latin America and plan to invest accordingly to take full advantage of these opportunities. Similarly we are committed to significantly expanding the depth and breath of our offering in the US. We will continue to maintain our investment in Europe to further enhance the depth of our offer and support our top three position. What new region/country will you consider entering this year and why? Are you considering international acquisitions or organic growth? Our entries into the countries mentioned above would be through a mixture of organic growth and acquisition. Please describe some of the pro bono activities that you undertake internationally, or other ways that your firm connects with the international regions in which you operate. We do not have any international pro bono business. We do however handle pro bono on a country-by-country basis. We connect with the regions in which we operate by being active members of the communications and business community at both a company, Groupe and industry level.

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