Global profile: Porter Novelli

Headquarters location: New York

Headquarters location: New York

Total staff numbers in US Not supplied Total non-US staff numbers Not supplied Please list all office locations around the world, identifying which ones are affiliates, partnerships or wholly owned. Americas Owned: Porter Novelli Argentina ? Buenos Aires Porter Novelli Canada - Montreal Porter Novelli Canada - Toronto Porter Novelli Canada ? Vancouver Martec Porter Novelli ? Mexico City Porter Novelli - Atlanta Porter Novelli - Austin Porter Novelli ? Boston Porter Novelli Advanced Technology Division ? Campbell, CA Porter Novelli - Chicago Porter Novelli - Ft. Lauderdale Porter Novelli - Irvine Porter Novelli - Los Angeles FischerHealth ? Los Angeles Porter Novelli ? New York Porter Novelli - Portland Porter Novelli - Sacramento Porter Novelli - San Diego Porter Novelli - San Francisco Porter Novelli ? Seattle Porter Novelli- Silicon Valley/San Jose Porter Novelli ? Washington DC Brand partners: Brazil: InPress Porter Novelli ? Brasilia; InPress Porter Novelli - Rio de Janeiro; InPress Porter Novelli ? Sao Paulo Chile: Qu?sar Comunicaciones Porter Novelli ? Santiago Colombia: Porter Novelli Colombia - Bogota Costa Rica: Centroam?rica Porter Novelli ? Costa Rica Dominican Republic: Dominicana Porter Novelli ? Santo Domingo Ecuador: Coordinamos Porter Novelli - Quito El Salvador: Centroam?rica Porter Novelli ? San Salvador Guatemala: Centroam?rica Porter Novelli ? Guatemala City Honduras: Centroam?rica Porter Novelli ? Teguciglapa Nicaragua: Centroam?rica Porter Novelli ? Nicaragua Panama: RU&A Porter Novelli ? Panama City Peru: Figueroa & Asociados Porter Novelli ? Lima Uruguay: ATD Porter Novelli ? Montevideo Asia-Pacific Owned Bentley Porter Novelli ? Singapore Brand partners Australia: Porter Novelli Australia ? Adelaide; Porter Novelli Australia - Brisbane; Porter Novelli Australia ? Darwin; Porter Novelli Australia ? Hobart; Porter Novelli Australia ? Melbourne; Porter Novelli Australia ? Perth; Porter Novelli Australia - Sydney China: Bentley Porter Novelli ? Hong Kong India: The PRactice Porter Novelli ? Bangalore; PR Pundit Porter Novelli ? New Delhi Japan: Focused Communications Co Ltd ? Tokyo Korea: KorCom Porter Novelli ? Seoul New Zealand: Porter Novelli New Zealand ? Auckland; Porter Novelli New Zealand ? Wellington Taiwan: LHC Porter Novelli - Taipei Thailand: Bangkok PR Porter Novelli ? Bangkok EMEA Owned Belgium: Porter Novelli ? Brussels; Porter Novelli - Gent France: Porter Novelli ? Grenoble; Porter Novelli ? Paris Netherlands: Bennis Porter Novelli ? Amstelveen Portugal: Porter Novelli Iberia ? Lisbon Spain: Porter Novelli Iberia ? Barcelona; Porter Novelli Iberia ? Madrid; Porter Novelli Iberia ? Valencia United Kingdom: Porter Novelli ? Banbury; Porter Novelli ? Leeds; Porter Novelli ? London Brand partners: Baltic States (Latvia): DDB Porter Novelli ? Riga Bosnia-Herzegovina: SPEM Porter Novelli - Sarajevo Bulgaria: APRA Porter Novelli ? Sofia Croatia: SPEM Porter Novelli - Zagreb Denmark: J?p, Ove & Myrthu Porter Novelli ? Arhus; J?p, Ove & Myrthu Porter Novelli ? Horsens; J?p, Ove & Myrthu Porter Novelli ? Copenhagen Finland: Pohjoisranta Porter Novelli ? Helsinki; Pohjoisranta Porter Novelli - Oulu Germany: F&H Porter Novelli ? Dusseldorf; F&H Porter Novelli ? Munich Greece: IKON Porter Novelli - Athens Ireland: Drury Porter Novelli ? Dublin Israel: Gitam Porter Novelli ? Ramat Gan Italy: Report Porter Novelli ? Milan; Report Porter Novelli ? Rome Lebanon: Impact Porter Novelli ? Beirut Norway: Lynx Porter Novelli ? Oslo Russia: R.I.M. Porter Novelli ? Moscow Saudi Arabia: Impact Porter Novelli ? Jeddah; Impact Porter Novelli - Riyadh Slovenia: SPEM Porter Novelli ? Ljubljana South Africa: Sefin Porter Novelli - Johannesburg Sweden: Gullers Group Porter Novelli ? Stockholm Switzerland: Farner Porter Novelli ? Zurich United Arab Emirates: Impact Porter Novelli ? Dubai United Kingdom: CM Porter Novelli ? Scotland Please describe how your agency is structured globally Porter Novelli combines global management with local execution through locally founded and managed offices with capabilities in four key global practices -- corporate and public affairs, consumer, healthcare and technology -- and prides itself on superior local application of a global knowledge base that is second to none. Porter Novelli is structured on both a practice and regional basis. General/office managers report into their appropriate regional managers and each of Porter Novelli?s global practice leaders has oversight of their respective local and regional practice leaders. Each of our global clients has local relationship managers in each country/region in which we are doing work for them, as well as one main global client relationship leader. At present, back office technology is integrated on a regional basis. Please list three of your biggest international accounts, with the following information: Regions where you service the account, and whether the work is done by an affiliate, partner or a wholly owned office of the firm What type of work is done on the account, including what practice areas are involved Length and type of engagement Management structure of the account (i.e. who leads the account and from which location, how many people work on the account globally, do you have any staff housed inside the company and where, etc.) How you bill the account Size of budget HP The Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA Technology, consumer, corporate and public affairs practices. Full-service account work from strategic counsel to tactical implementation and all points between and beyond. PN has been working with HP since 1988. Account is led by Gary Stockman, CEO, Americas and Julie Winskie, senior partner, global consumer practice leader, both of whom are located in PN?s New York office. Interdependent HP team across various PN offices, practices and specialty areas to best serve HP?s business objectives. PN staff work on-site at HP on an as-needed basis, but typically there will always be someone on-site Fee for service billing arrangement Proprietary information Qualcomm Primarily the Americas with isolated project work in Asia and Europe Technology, consumer, corporate and public affairs practices Full-service account work from strategic counsel to tactical implementation and all points between and beyond. PN has been working with Qualcomm since 1999. Account is led by Lisa Rodriguez, SVP in PN?s San Francisco office Interdependent Qualcomm team across various PN offices, practices and specialty areas to best serve client?s business objectives. PN staff work on-site at Qualcomm on an as-needed basis, but typically there will always be someone on-site. Fee for service billing arrangement Proprietary information Gillette The Americas and select markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific Consumer and corporate practices. Full-service account work from strategic counsel to tactical implementation and all points between and beyond. PN has been working with Gillette since 1989. Account is led by Julie Winskie, senior partner, global consumer practice leader, and Lisa Rosenberg, partner and director of New York consumer practice, both of whom are located in PN?s New York office. Interdependent Gillette team across various PN offices to best serve client?s business objectives. Fee for service billing arrangement Proprietary information How have international revenues changed from one year ago? Revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions excluding the region in which your agency is headquartered. Not supplied How has international staffing changed from one year ago? Not supplied If you are unable to answer any of the revenue or staffing questions, please describe in whatever terms you can the performance of your global operations over the past year. Year to date, we have seen modest growth over the prior year?s period. However, profitability has increased measurably, reflecting the results of improved efficiencies over the past three years. Did performance meet or exceed expectations, or not? Please explain why. What external factors such as the war in Iraq, political issues, cultural issues, affected performance? Thus far, we are generally meeting expectations for this year. Some markets continue to suffer from difficult economic situations. While the war in Iraq per se does not seem to have had a direct effect, certainly the environment overall continues to be cautious due to the volatile geopolitical situation. The terrorist bombings in Madrid did, however, have an effect in Spain earlier in the year. What business have you won, or lost, in the past year due to a global consolidation of PR business by the client? Please list: Won additional business with several global clients who have been consolidating their business, namely with Wyeth, the California Almond Board, Gillette, Qualcomm. We have not lost any business due to global consolidation by clients. What regions are performing best right now and why? What regions are under-performing? It is difficult to say that entire regions are performing best or worst. The best performing major markets are the US, France, Belgium, Japan and Australia. Markets with slower market recovery include Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and the UK, although the latter two had a strong first quarter. Since then client spending has dropped off somewhat and new business is slower to start up. Spain suffered a downturn after the terrorist attacks. What region do you plan to invest more resources in this year than you did one year ago and why? What region are you decreasing investment in and why? We increased our investment in all of our three regions this year. We have found that business has returned in some markets in Asia Pacific, thus warranting modest investments, while the investments in Europe and the United States represent basic restorations of some measure of former investments as business has improved. What new region/country will you consider entering this year and why? Are you considering international acquisitions or organic growth? Porter Novelli has always based its philosophy of building a network that is based on best in local market and strong cultural fit. It has resisted the traditional route of migrating any one national model and imposing it on local markets. We are entering Mainland China this year, as well as strengthening our presence in Eastern Europe ? two regions with growing importance to our global clients. We most certainly are considering acquisitions. Only a few of these will be wholly geographically based, with the rest being made for strategic reasons to expand various practices in local markets, as we did with the acquisition of FischerHealth late last year, in the US. This year, we expect most of our growth to come organically. Please describe some of the pro bono activities that you undertake internationally, or other ways that your firm connects with the international regions in which you operate. What binds Porter Novelli?s international operations together is ?interdependence? ? a shared belief in building the best teams wherever they are located to achieve results for clients that are of genuine business value. Clients tell us that the strength of our network is in our shared culture and values. Porter Novelli has developed a number of ways to build synergy and consistent client service worldwide. It is achieving this through: Regular practice meetings to build knowledge, interdependence and team work Signature Service ? a process to evaluate the consultancy?s performance against a client?s objectives Achieving Excellence Across Borders ? a training program for all offices in the network to ensure quality and consistency of client service Training around proprietary tools and processes including Porter Novelli?s approach to strategic planning Technology tools such as PN's intranet systems, client-based extranets, video conferencing and electronic newsletters. Each year, Porter Novelli hosts a Global Conference for its senior leadership across the world. This year the conference will be held in New York in July; the conference agenda will focus on driving and advancing Porter Novelli's vision, business strategies and worldwide operations to best serve our clients. Our global conferences also serve as a valuable networking tool for our leaders across the world and enable sharing of best practices across the agency network. At the same time, Porter Novelli has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Many of Porter Novelli?s international offices are still run by the original founders who are successful entrepreneurs and continue to bring that spirit to the consultancy. For this reason, pro bono activities are managed at the local office level to better engage and serve local priorities. However, Porter Novelli has a commitment to supporting youth causes in many global markets.

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