Global profile: Fleishman-Hillard

Headquarters location: St. Louis, Missouri

Headquarters location: St. Louis, Missouri

Total staff numbers in US: Not supplied Total non-US staff numbers: Not supplied Please list all office locations around the world, identifying which ones are affiliates, partnerships or wholly owned. Affiliates marked with an asterisk United States Atlanta Austin Austin - Lois Paul & Partners Boston Boston - Lois Paul & Partners Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Dallas Dallas - Allyn & Company Detroit - Strat@comm Houston Kansas City Los Angeles Los Angeles - GMMB Miami Minneapolis/St. Paul New York New York - CPR Worldwide Portland Raleigh-Durham Sacramento San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Seattle - GMMB St. Louis Washington, DC Washington, DC - Fleishman Government Relations Washington, DC - GMMB Washington, DC - Strat@comm Canada Calgary - GPC Montreal Montreal - GPC Ottawa - GPC Ottawa - GPC Research Ottawa - iStudio Canada (High Road) Ottawa - High Road Communications Quebec City - GPC Toronto Toronto - GPC Toronto - High Road Communications Toronto - iStudio Canada (High Road) Vancouver - GPC Latin America Argentina - Fernandez Ivern Communicaciones * Bolivia - Moore & Asociados * Brazil - Companhia de Noticias (CDN) * Chile - ASK Communicaciones * Colombia - Publicis CB S.A. * Costa Rica - Eureka Communicacion * Dominican Republic - MG Asociados * Ecuador - Opinion e Imagen * Quatemala - Tercer & Asociados Communicaciones * Jamaica - Berl Francisc and Company Ltd. * Mexico City Panama - Pumer Imagen 10 * Peru - Tironi Y de la Flor, S.A.* San Juan Venezuela - Edificio Mene Grande * Europe/South Africa Amsterdam Berlin Berlin - GPC Brussels - GPC Denmark - Marks & Brands * Dublin Edinburgh - GPC Finland - Eurofacts * Frankfurt Greece/Athens - CIVITAS * Johannesburg London London - CPR Worldwide London - GPC London - Herald Madrid Milan Milan - CPR Milan - Herald Munich - Herald Paris Paris - Herald Portugal/Lisbon - Inforfi * Prague - Herald Sweden/Stockholm - Adreason Public Relations AB * Switzerland/Geneva - Constellartis Independent Consultants * Switzerland/Zurich - Farner PR * Warsaw - Herald Asia Pacific Beijing, China Guangzhou, China Hong Kong Hong Kong - SAR* India/New Deli - e-Lexicon PR 7 Corp. Consultants, Ltd * Indonesia/Jakarta - Prisma Public Relations * Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Manila, Philippines Melbourne, Australia New Zealand/Auckland - Kerrigan PR * Pakistan/Karachi - Xenith Public Relations (Pvt.) Ltd.* Saudi Arabia/Jeddah - Landmark Public Relations * Seoul, Korea Singapore, Singapore - Gavin Anderson Sydney, Australia Taiwan/Taipei - Elite Public Relations Consultants * Thailand/Bangkok - 124 Communications, Co., Ltd.* Tokyo, Japan Turkey/Istanbul - Global Tanitim * Vietnam - Galaxy Co., Ltd * United Arab Emirates/Dubai - Wallis Marketing Consultants * Please describe how your agency is structured globally Fleishman-Hillard has a multitiered management structure that we believe provides optimum accountability and client service. Fleishman has long been managed geographically -- by office and by region. Within each of our regions, practice groups drive "best-in-class" thinking and sound staff development across our wide range of disciplines. We track revenues by practice group, but do not manage our agency by practice group P&Ls. We have also established a network of "client relationship managers" whose job it is to focus the best talent in the agency on serving the needs of our clients, regardless of geographic location or practice group specialization. Please list three of your biggest international accounts, with the following information: Regions where you service the account, and whether the work is done by an affiliate, partner or a wholly owned office of the firm What type of work is done on the account, including what practice areas are involved Length and type of engagement Management structure of the account (i.e. who leads the account and from which location, how many people work on the account globally, do you have any staff housed inside the company and where, etc.) How you bill the account Size of budget Abbott Laboratories: A client for three years, Abbott Laboratories is served by more than 25 offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Our work primarily consists of healthcare, biotechnology, issues management, and corporate reputation. Client relationship managers: Don Etling (St. Louis) and Michael Rinaldo (NY) Gatorade: A client for two years, served by 16 Fleishman offices in 12 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Most work is done in consumer marketing. Client relationship manager: Jim Motzer (Chicago) Procter & Gamble: A client for 14 years, served by 19 Fleishman offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Most work is consumer marketing, issues management, and corporate reputation. Client reputation managers: Nancy Seliger (NY) and Kevin Bell (London) How have international revenues changed from one year ago? Revenue is defined as revenue generated by all regions excluding the region in which your agency is headquartered. Not supplied How has international staffing changed from one year ago? Not supplied If you are unable to answer any of the revenue or staffing questions, please describe in whatever terms you can the performance of your global operations over the past year. Our operations in Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Canada are all experiencing year-over-year growth. Did performance meet or exceed expectations, or not? Please explain why. What external factors such as the war in Iraq, political issues, cultural issues, affected performance? Year-to-date financial performance levels have exceeded our budgetary expectations. Contributing factors are the ongoing resurgence of the US economy and growing investment in China and other regions. What business have you won, or lost, in the past year due to a global consolidation of PR business by the client? Please list Won - Maxtor; Lost - JD Edwards (due to Peoplesoft acquisition). What regions are performing best right now and why? What regions are under-performing? All of our operating regions are on track for growth this year, with especially strong growth underway in Asia Pacific. What region do you plan to invest more resources in this year than you did one year ago and why? What region are you decreasing investment in and why? We are investing in all geographic and practice group areas, with particular emphasis on Asia Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe. We are not decreasing investment anywhere. What new region/country will you consider entering this year and why? Are you considering international acquisitions or organic growth? Organic growth will be our main driver. Asia Pacific, central and eastern Europe and Latin America offer markets of interest to us for future expansion. Please describe some of the pro bono activities that you undertake internationally, or other ways that your firm connects with the international regions in which you operate. Highlights in the past year include our communications sponsorship of the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Dublin -- the first Special Olympics held outside of the United States. Beginning in 2000, our Dublin office led offices across our network in a worldwide, pro-bono effort to promote the Games and the exceptional people who were part of them. Our work recently received the Supreme Award from the Irish PRCA - marking only the third time in ten years that this coveted honor has been given. In Latin America we have provided pro-bono counsel to the Free Trade Area of the Americas to help this economic union create a permanent secretariat location.

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