Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy has been the media critic for the Boston Phoenix, New England?s largest weekly newspaper, for more than a decade.

Dan Kennedy has been the media critic for the Boston Phoenix, New England?s largest weekly newspaper, for more than a decade.

His regular "Don't Quote Me" column eviscerates, analyzes, mocks, and probes both regional and national media, and it has become a must-read for people who want to gauge the pulse of what New England is watching and reading.

Since late 2002, Kennedy has also maintained a weblog through the Phoenix that's often spiced with observations on the media and politics, particularly on fellow Bostonian John Kerry.

PRWeek: What news outlets do you read and watch?

Dan Kennedy: My news consumption is rather predictable, I'm afraid. For one thing, I spend most of my time on my print job ? I'm not spending all day surfing the web. For another thing, my job is to report on and critique the media, so I don't really want to get sucked down the hole of looking at lots of obscure weblogs.

With that, I read the Boston Globe, The New York Times, and The Boston Herald for sure. Romenesko all the time, naturally. The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal as things come to my attention. Slate and Salon. Danny Schechter, Josh Marshall, Bob Somerby, and Andrew Sullivan all write great weblogs. Altercation [is one]. InstaPundit is also worthwhile because Glenn Reynolds digs up lots of links. Drudge ? how could I not? KausFiles remains extremely entertaining, though Mickey's anti-Kerry obsession is driving me crazy.

I do not watch as much television as I should, but if I'm able to watch a newscast, it's NewsNight with Aaron Brown on CNN. It's the right time of day, and it's the only intelligent newscast on cable.

PRWeek: What role do you see your blog as playing?

Kennedy: Primarily self-entertainment. Since we're a weekly, it does occasionally give me the ability to keep up with the news cycle on a breaking story that I would have had to let go a few years ago.

PRWeek: How often do you update it?

Kennedy: My practice for the past year and a half or so has been to get up before 6am, read the Globe, the Times, and the Herald, and then do an update. At some point in the not-too-distant future, I may change that a bit, and update it somewhat less often.

PRWeek: Why do you update it?

Kennedy: It's not quite a personal project, since it appears on BostonPhoenix.com. In other words, it's part of my job, but a rather ill-defined part of my job. It's time-consuming, but perhaps not quite as much as one might think, since I would have to do all that reading even if I weren't writing a blog.

PRWeek: What stories about the media get the most attention?

Kennedy: Certainly any time I write a takedown of the right-wing media and it gets posted on Lucianne.com, I get lots of reaction, mainly in the form of poorly spelled e-mails written with all capital letters and numerous F-bombs.

Name: Dan Kennedy

Publication: Boston Phoenix

Title: Senior writer and media critic

Preferred contact method: dan@dankennedy.net

Website: www.bostonphoenix.com/medialog

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