TOY BOX: WRFF needn't take backseat to any bike

Confession time. As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I never owned a bicycle.

Confession time. As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I never owned a bicycle.

Consequently, I have never learned how to ride a bike. I give it a try every few years, but usually end up smashing into a tree. My life-long frustration with two-wheelers led me to leap at the chance to try a new Salton WRFF - a three-wheeler designed for kids and teenagers. Pronounced "riff," it has two small front wheels, a larger back one, and a semi-seat which is really more for leaning on. It has a hand brake on the left handlebar, which my daughter tells me would be more natural on the right side where she normally brakes her bike. That design glitch aside, we both had a blast with the WRFF, as did our friends who tried it at a recent barbeque. I'd like a real seat though. I'm told an adult model is under development. I hope that has a seat. If so, my bike phobia may finally be cured. Any suggestions for gadgets we should try? Send them to
  • John N. Frank writes Toy Box. He is the Chicago-based Midwest bureau chief for PRWeek. Price WRFF Turbo, for ages 8 and up: $179.99; WRFF Lightning, for ages 8 and up: $179.99; WRFF It, for ages 10 and up (tested model): $199.99 Available at Toys R Us, GI Joe's, JC Penney's Christmas catalog, Specs Hand brake, 39" high, 29" wide, 40" long

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